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LEGIC Connect

Customizable Mobile Credentialing with end-to-end encryption

Mobile applications are delivering useful personal and professional services to our daily lives. They address the increasing need for efficiency, individuality as well as customer loyalty – all by simply integrating users via a mobile app or smartphone wallet.  

LEGIC Connect is a security enabler for any business model that combines mobile users with physical infrastructure. With LEGIC Connect, a smartphone can become anything – the key to your hotel room or rental car, access permission to industrial equipment, a closed-loop wallet, a virtual corporate ID and much more.

Top features

  • Mobile credential: Cloud-based mobile credential service
  • Encryption: End-to-end encryption
  • Availability: Worldwide availability
  • Communication: Protected communication channel
  • Your needs: Scalable to your needs
  • API: Seamless integration via API
  • Flexible user interface options: Mobile app or Apple/Google Wallet

Product Information

Create, distribute and revoke mobile credentials

The LEGIC Connect mobile credentialing service allows you to not only create and instantly distribute credentials onto smartphones around the world, but also to revoke already distributed credentials or even read encrypted information back from the smartphone.

High scalability and seamless integration

The cloud-based mobile credentialing service can be seamlessly integrated in your solution via API. It supports individual as well as fully automated business models with event-based notifications. The availability and scalability of the service is guaranteed through a secure, high-performance cloud architecture.

Mobile SDK for Android and iOS or Wallet integration

At the core of your user experience is the interface for your mobile users. We enable mobile app development by delivering mobile software development kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS, allowing you to focus on the user experience of your mobile apps, and not on security or connectivity issues. Alternatively, applications can be added to Apple/Google Wallets to bring additional benefits such as low-power, single-handed operation. With both online and offline functionality, LEGIC Connect ensures your service continues to operate even in the absence of a network connection.

Fully integrated in the LEGIC Security Platform

LEGIC Connect is a software service within the LEGIC Security Platform that delivers a comprehensive stack of trusted services for secure, contactless mobile credentialing solutions. Based on the LEGIC neon technology standard and fully compatible with LEGIC Orbit and LEGIC Security Modules, it guarantees end-to-end encrypted communication between cloud, mobile users, and embedded systems.

LEGIC Connect is best suited for dynamic, always-on service infrastructures requiring scalability and flexibility. It offers a high level of customization for a seamless user experience and a wide range of digital transformation opportunities for your solution design.

LEGIC and Sharry Partner to Combine Mobile Access Technologies

Sharry to integrate LEGIC Connect into their wallet-based mobile access management solutions for commercial real estate.

To learn more, read the announcement on our blog HERE.


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