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At Trigrr, we know you want to be innovative and efficient. In order to do that, you need a platform to enable, simplify and centralize your smart building services. The problem is, technology is always evolving. Without an OS to integrate and manage your smart building technologies, the cost and effort to integrate all these new technologies will become a burden. Which makes you feel concerned about the long-term value of the property.

We believe your investment in building technology should set you up for success now and in the future. We understand that selecting the right technologies to future proof your building is a big challenge. So with Trigrr, you can dream up your building’s future with a solution to…

  • Facilitate the deployment and integration of any app or process, ensuring flexibility and adaptability
  • Reclaim the freedom of choice and when it comes to your building technologies
  • Empower your building with an easy to use, intuitive no-code platform
  • Leverage a hybrid solution that fits your IT policy (on premises and/or in the cloud).

Stop wasting time trying to manage different technologies and see a diminishing value of your building, and instead, unleash your creativity to make anything in your building possible and enjoy happy,impressed tenants.


Installation process

Install Sharry server physically in your buidling
Connect it to the network and you access system control
Integrated with your
Manage everything from one place
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