Mobile Access

Employee badge for Apple Wallet and Android NFC
Replace plastic cards with a flexible solution for hybrid work
Already integrated with 20+ access control systems
Real-time office occupancy & Workplace analytics
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Your phone is now
your employee badge

With digital employee badges and mobile credentials, users can open office doors, elevators, turnstiles, card-protected amenity spaces and much more – simply by using their smartphone or smartwatch. Just tap and go! It's smooth, secure, and super-fast. Redefine your workplace experience with a mobile-first access solution!

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Frictionless experience
with Apple Wallet

Forget the hassle of printing physical keys for your employees. With badges in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, you can streamline key distribution and management across your entire enterprise. Sharry is the leading PropTech company launching this first-class, NFC-based, access feature to provide a seamless workplace experience. If your iPhone needs a charge, your badge will still work for up to five hours.

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All your offices.
One access

Sharry is integrated with 20+ access control systems. So all your current infrastructure can stay in place and your employees can start using Sharry without any disruption to current operations. You can even combine multiple access systems in one mobile app.

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Workplace occupancy.
Data-driven decisions

Manage your workplace flexibly based on detailed office occupancy & analytics. Various tracked metrics (workplace occupancy, space & amenities utilization, parking data, visitor traffic) are united in one platform. Thanks to intuitive UI, you can understand in great depth what’s going on within your company or across multiple sites.

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Plastic cards?
No more!

Approx. 20% of plastic cards are stolen or lost every year! Reduce the security risk of unauthorized access and cut unnecessary expenses. With an integrated mobile access solution, we support your ESG targets by eliminating plastic waste and hidden costs connected to badge distribution and management.

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Unmatched support.
Global coverage

5 time zones covered by Sharry Support
Fast first-response time from the Helpdesk team
Above average satisfaction according to Net Promoter Score
24/7 customer support in 5 world languages
Training for the whole team, in person or online
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Why Sharry mobile access?

Use and manage only one access badge across all properties.
Full-supportive tech for hybrid work. Stay flexible!
Remove plastic badges and take a step forward to an ESG-friendly workplace.
Fast and fully remote employee onboarding & offboarding.
All-in-one solution integrated with parking and booking management.
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Sharry Mobile Access Architecture

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Fully integrated mobile access for enterprise

Unmatched security
using your SSO

Connected to the most popular single sign-on platforms allowing users to sign in to multiple applications using the same credentials.

App distribution of your choice

Fully compatible with unlisted app distribution and with the most popular MDM containerization.

Integrated with your access system

Sharry has an extensive library of running ACS integrations. No need for property upgrades or software updates.

Advanced features built
on top of badges

Streamline the communication and operations through Lobby news, Reservations, Badge data, and much more!

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