Visitor management.
No compromises

Make all visitors feel exceptional and remove all obstacles on their way to a meeting. Through the ingenious connection of reception software, the organization’s access control system, parking reservations, and the businesslike mobile app. Improve reception performance, enhance company security, and create unforgettable visitor experiences.

Sharry provides scalable visitor management system where you can easily manage all settings, devices, and screens in a plug-and-play framework. Make all your visitors feel like visiting you at home.

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Why Sharry visitor management?

Digitize your guestbook to fully support security convergence.
Pre-register all guests. Get rid of queues. Start meetings on time.
Compliant with
US & EU data regulations
and visitor agreements.
Improve reception
efficiency and provide great hospitality service.
Respond effectively to security and healthy incidents through ACS integrations
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Deliver unique visitor experience

Digital visitor identity lifecycle

A cyber-physical approach that incorporates automation can both strengthen security and relieve the administrative burden.

Online parking reservations by guests

Let visitors book a parking spot by themselves online in advance. Grant them smooth access using their license plate.

Smooth, fast, and secure check-in

Guestpass with QR code authorizes unique persons, speeds up the check-in at reception, and triggers host notification.

Contactless technology for check-in and access

Visitors may register on a self-service tablet or from their phone. Decrease social contact, increase positive experience, and healthy standards.

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