Visitor management.
No compromises

Touchless visitor management with QR code scanning
Reception software integrated into elevators and parking
A centralized solution to manage all visitors
In-depth visitor analytics for a better experience
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Multiple touchpoints. One goal

Keep using familiar methods for inviting guests, or explore creative alternatives. Sharry integrates multiple channels. All roads lead not to Rome, but to the digital Guestbook.

Calendar invite
Walk-in guests
Tenant engagement app
PortalWX with Guestbook
Visitor import
API integration

Streamlined and welcoming
visitor experience

Make all visitors feel exceptional and remove all obstacles on their way to a meeting. Possible through the ingenious interconnection of reception software, access control system, parking reservations, and the businesslike mobile app. Improve reception performance, enhance company security, and create unforgettable visitor experiences.

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Visitor analytics.
Data-driven decisions

With detailed real-time visitor data, you can proactively change your reception operations. Key metrics help you orchestrate a better guest experience and increase security standards. Thanks to intuitive UI you can understand in great depth what’s going on in your company or across the property portfolio.

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Enhanced security
matched with VIP treatment

Advanced visitor management can be easily set up to meet all of your company's security requirements, with guest pre-registration, ID scanning, touchless check-in, or do-not-admit lists. Additionally, the system can track visitors' movements within the office building, providing real-time information on who is present and where they are located.

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Parking reservations
for all guests

Reduce effort expended in preparing for meeting visitors. Let all visitors book a parking spot online in advance and access the garage using smart license plate recognition. Once they park in the recommended spot, the platform automatically notifies the host. Avoid tedious manual tasks and increase productivity.

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Configurability redefined.
Personalize the visitor journey

Designed from the ground up for hybrid work. The Sharry visitor management system is built with a pyramid-style permission architecture. This grants enterprises, workplace managers, receptionists, and hosts complete control over the visitor experience. Don't adapt to the system, adapt the system to flexibly meet all your needs and challenges.

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Unmatched support.
Global coverage

5 time zones covered by Sharry Support
Fast first-response time from the Helpdesk team
Above average satisfaction according to Net Promoter Score
24/7 customer support in 5 world languages
Training for the whole team, in person or online
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Why Sharry visitor management?

Digitize your guestbook to fully support security convergence.
Pre-register all guests. Get rid of unnecessary waiting. Start meetings on time.
Compliant with
US & EU data regulations
and visitor agreements.
Improve reception
efficiency and provide great hospitality service.
Respond effectively to security and healthy incidents through ACS integrations
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Sharry Visitor Management Architecture

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Deliver a unique visitor experience

Digital visitor identity lifecycle

A cyber-physical approach that incorporates automation can both strengthen security and relieve the administrative burden.

Online parking reservations by guests

Let visitors book a parking spot by themselves online in advance. Grant them smooth access using their license plate.

Smooth, fast, and secure check-in

Guestpass with a QR code authorizes unique persons, speeds up the check-in at reception, and triggers host notification.

Contactless technology for check-in and access

Visitors may register on a self-service tablet or from their phone. Decrease social contact while increasing the quality of the experience and healthy standards.

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