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One single interface controlling multiple complex systems

Security and facility management has evolved into a complex set of business functions, which all need to be managed taking safety and security of the staff, visitors and physical assets as a priority. There are numerous factors driving complexity: multiple sites, remote locations, flexible working hours, number of employees and visitors, as well as evolving needs.

Therefore only an integrated management solution is able to cope with this evolution, providing facility and security managers with a clear view and control over these different functions.

Imagine one interface to manage and control on-site or remotely all of your security needs on various premises, ranging from intrusion and fire detection to access control and video surveillance.

Imagine these different systems to interact thanks to a seamless integration enabling verification of events through video streams and linking intrusion and fire events with access control to safeguard the safety and security of people.

Digital video surveillance

Advisor management software supports a range of TruVision digital video recorders and network video recorders. Additional to the quality, ease of use and reliability of these video products, their integration into Advisor management software allows system operators to have direct access to live and recorded video, providing instant visual verification of events and alarms.

As a result, operators can focus on one interface to monitor their facilities rather than operating multiple separately running systems. This makes your security setup more efficient, responsive and reliable, saving valuable time and money.

In addition Advisor Management supports Truvision ANPR camera's where license plates can be managed while sending data to the camera as well as all relevant intrusion and/or access control devices.


Advisor Management software is supporting Advisor Master and Advisor Advanced control panels. It provides alarm management combined with video to quickly and efficiently resolve any alarm. It also allows easy configuration of persons requiring access to restricted areas.

In case of intrusion detection, the alarm is pinpointed on the floorplan and a relevant live video stream can be started automatically while lights and doors can be controlled by pressing one button. The presence of intruders is easily verified by switching to recorded video streams and the log file will keep track of the route followed.

Access control supporting multiple sites

Access Control based on Advisor Master, is providing complete access in multi-site environments where people need access to more than one site.
The Advisor management software is allowing a specific user to gain access where required and this via the same or distinct credential. All this is possible without having to add the user for each site or each credential.

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