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Kisi Mobile Credentials

Kisi is the leading provider of modern access control to secure your physical spaces. Deploy Kisi in your building and office to immediately unlock the benefits of streamlining operations and automating the user experience.

With Kisi's mobile credentials you can:

  • Easily unlock doors using Kisi’s mobile credentials. With Kisi's mobile credentials users can quickly access their space
  • Securely provision cloud based credentials unique to each user and prevent unauthorized access through credentials sharing
  • Remotely grant and revoke access in seconds using our intuitive dashboard
  • Intuitively activate your Apple Credential in the iOS Wallet app to unlock various entry points in your building

Benefits of using Kisi as your access control system:

  • Kisi's sturdy hardware and user-friendly software work in perfect harmony to enhance the security of your spaces
  • Remotely manage your locations, streamline operations, and stay compliant while enjoying mobile unlocks
  • Unlock doors from the Kisi mobile app with a single tap by holding your device up to the reader or contactless by waving your hand in front of the Kisi Reader


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Kisi Mobile Credentials