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Inner Range Integriti

Scalable Access

Integriti offers a power suites of access control features catering for a complete range of installations; it will meet your needs from a single door system through to global multi-site applications.

Flexible Control

Integriti's flexible access control configuration system allows access rights to your premises to be tailored to meet your security needs.  While offering traditional card based access control Integriti also provides for high risk security situations where dual credential verification is required. Integriti supports integration of PIN keypads, bio-metric readers and dual user access and even photo ID verification to allow security personnel to visually check identities.  

Ease of Administration

The Integriti system allows you to easily assign access permissions mandating who can go where and when, including visitor access. Your entire operation can be managed from a single user interface and allows you to build cardholders profiles with simple "Allow" or "Deny" functions.

Event Monitoring & Audit

Integriti captures and stores a real-time detailed event log of all access events, allowing you to monitor live events and alarms.  For reporting purposes the event log can be filtered down to specific, times, doors or users, and can be exported for use in other systems.

Remote Control

Integriti's mobile application allows you to lock or unlock your doors and review events from your  system wherever you are giving you convenient control of your system.


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