Tyco Kantech
Access Control Systems
Tyco, Johnsson Controls
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Version 2.7 or newer
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Tyco Kantech

Access control solutions from Tyco and our associated brands serve a wide range of security use cases, from standalone buildings to complex global enterprises. And thanks to Tyco-led innovation, we make access control systems that can go well beyond security to enhance building efficiencies and operations.

We have embraced advanced technology: highly encrypted door controllers, for example, and biometrics, such as retina and fingerprint scans, that identify users with unique physical characteristics. Many Tyco access control solutions include remote monitoring, making security much more convenient to manage. Finally, our access control solutions can be integrated with other security, fire, and building systems to make your job of ensuring safety and security easier and more effective.

  • Scalable access control solutions for enterprise environments of every size
  • Control access for employees, visitors, and contractors alike
  • Powerful and highly encrypted door controllers
  • High-assurance systems, biometric readers, and multi-factor authentication for critical locations and assets
  • A systems-approach philosophy to minimize disruptions and ensure reliability
  • Mobile applications enable remote monitoring—anytime, anywhere
  • Seamless integration to interconnect a growing portfolio of security, fire, business, and building systems
  • Cybersecurity coordination to manage risk associated with access control
  • Solutions that go beyond security to provide cyber resiliency, business efficiency, and intelligence


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Install Sharry server physically in your buidling
Connect it to the network and you access system control
Integrated with your
Manage everything from one place
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Tyco Kantech