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What are we solving?

We increase productivity by optimizing CO2 in the workplace. Poor air quality can reduce productivity by up to 50%

We will reduce morbidity by keeping humidity at an ideal level. At higher humidity, the probability of disease transmission increases

Our system

1) Air quality sensor
  • Based in the office
  • Measures air quality + sends measured data to the application and dashboard
  • Warns of bad air (backlit color)
2) Mobile application

In companies, designed primarily for employees

  • They monitor the current air values ​​in their office
  • They ventilate according to notifications
  • They receive badges for maintaining good air
3) Web dashboard

In companies, designed primarily for managers / directors / building managers

  • He sees air quality throughout the company
  • They have an overview of events related to air quality
  • They receive feedback from employees
  • They manage and set up accounts for Luftio

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