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Single Sign-on with Okta

Sharry has successfully implemented Single sign-on (SSO) over Okta. In case your company uses Okta for SSO, it is possible to configure Sharry in a way where both employees and web admins will sign on into the mobile app and web administration over Okta.

From now on, your company can apply the corporate security standards even when using Sharry workplace platform. And your employees can use the same password they use with all services and tools the company uses.

Seamlessly secure user access | About Okta SSO

One central control point
Give your IT team one place to view, manage, and secure all your users’ access, whether they are internal employees or external partners.

Identity store integration
Okta’s single sign-on solution can quickly connect to and sync from any number of identity stores including AD, LDAP, HR systems, and other third-party identity providers.

Adaptive security policies
With Okta SSO, your IT team can protect users with consistent security policies that adapt to their behavior. Use built-in security tools, such as Okta Insights, to take advantage of Okta’s scale and automatically identify and block malicious login attempts we see across our network.


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