ESG for Commercial Real Estate and Sustainable Workplaces

Achieve your sustainable and ESG goals (environmental, social, and corporate governance) with the support of Sharry workplace platform for any green certification and employee well-being. Cultivate an office space to be more attractive to its occupiers, environmentally responsible (based on BREEAM, LEED, or any other green certificate), and naturally encourage communities and investments.

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Encourage sustainable
commuting to work

Local public transport departures are displayed in the app and signage in the lobby
Motivate users to use shared bikes through smooth in-app reservations
Reduce car gas emissions through smart parking management
Optimize parking access and utilization through real-time analytics
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Do more good
through spending less

Did you know that the simple act of sharing information on current water or energy consumption has been proven to reduce the use of these resources? Share them efficiently through the Sharry platform with a waste management tool or energy dashboard through third-party partners & integrations.

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Achieve higher efficiency
through sharing

For portfolio owners, we actively build sustainable communities, enable sharing of resources and increase utilization. For each building, we introduce efficient processes and energy efficiency through digital services.

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Monitor and evaluate.
Make data-driven decisions

Are you moving in the right direction? To deploy a sustainable workplace strategy, you need to re-evaluate it all the time. With Sharry Insights, a workplace analytics platform, you get the right metrics even for a portfolio benchmark. It provides enterprises and landlords with an unmatched level of clarity to navigate the transition to a sustainable future.

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Why ESG-friendly workplace?

Commercial offices
spaces with ESG
rating are priced 25%
above average.

Source: Cushman & Wakefield
Global ESG assets may surpass $41 trillion by 2022 and $50 trillion by 2025.

Source: Bloomberg
60% of investors have
already adopted
ESG criteria as part of their investment strategies.

Source: CBRE
52% of clients perceive
ESG as an
opportunity to
create and preserve wealth.

Source: Knight Frank
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Streamline communication.
With all involved

Let all relevant voices be heard! Through the Sharry platform, office managers or landlords can transparently communicate their ESG goals, policies, or reports (see the ESG report by SL Green). On the other hand, anyone from the community can have their say in interactive polls or satisfaction surveys.

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Upgrade your workplace!
Update your community

Strengthen relationships inside the community. Sharry workplace platform – for the very first time – offers landlords and property managers a tool to share any update with ease. Whether you’ve earned a green certificate (e.g., BREEAM, LEED, or WELL), you organize an upcycling event, or your company supports the Fridays for Future movement.

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Stop adding plastic badges.
Just use your phone

Replace all your employee badges or key fobs with mobile ones. By digitizing the credentials and their distribution, you can significantly reduce plastic waste, make your internal processes faster, improve user experience and strengthen the enterprise or property security standards.

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OODo not tick a box with your ESG report, make a difference with an ESG-friendly workplace!OO

Let's take care of the world
we all live in!

If you wonder how the Sharry workplace platform can help you get credits in BREEAM, LEED, WELL, or SmartScore certification, say hello to the ESG-friendly workplace at

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