Flexible work
needs flexible solutions

Give your employees the best hybrid work experience while providing your workplace managers and IT staff with unmatched reliability and ease of deployment.

Rely on Sharry's cutting-edge mobile access combined with a robust booking system. Address the challenge of converging enterprise's cyber and physical security. Boost your company's community even if people work remotely!

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Why Sharry Hybrid Work?

Fully integrated with user directory identity management (Okta, Active Directory, etc.)
Manage access to all offices from one place. Easily, online, and remotely.
Do you want to book a specific desk, or a desk in a specific area? We allow both.
Superfast and smooth onboarding and offboarding of even multiple people.
Create an epic experience through integration with visitor management and smart parking
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Familiar pain points? We have the solution!

Various systems for different bookings

Now you can book your office desk, meeting rooms, parking, and amenities in one app.

People lose plastic access cards all the time

Replace plastic badges with mobile cards (we also support cards in Apple Wallet). Follow ESG!

How to manage access to all sites?

Use one mobile card only across all properties integrated with multiple access control systems.

Things are changing so quickly…

Use the all-in-one Sharry's platform to flexibly address all hybrid work challenges without reading manuals.

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