Workplace experience.

Employee access badge with Apple Wallet support
Touchless visitor management with QR code scanning
Parking reservations, reporting, and addressing violations
Hybrid work: Booking of desks, meeting rooms, amenities
Real-time office occupancy & workplace analytics
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All your offices.
One access

Sharry is integrated with 20+ access control systems. So all your current infrastructure can stay in place and your employees can start using Sharry without any disruption to current operations.

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Employee access badge.
Always with you

Unlock turnstiles, doors, parking, elevators, or printers with just a tap of your smartphone or smart watch. It's smooth, secure, and super-fast. Sharry supports a myriad of combinations (eg. NFC, BLE, and Apple Wallet access). You can combine multiple access systems in one mobile app through our huge library of running ACS integrations.

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Onboarding and offboarding?
Like never before

You can distribute/revoke access cards and change access levels for all offices through Sharry. A fully online, touch-free, instant and integrated solution within your running HR system. No need to issue anything physically or upfront. Employees can log in using your existing SSO solution.

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Flexible work
needs flexible solutions

Let your colleagues easily switch between working from home and office. Equip all your employees with innovative hybrid work tools for effective hot-desking and a robust booking system for meeting rooms, parking spots, or other amenities. All features integrated and configured in a one-stop shop platform.

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Visitor management.
No compromises

Make all visitors feel exceptional and remove all obstacles on the way to their meeting. Accomplished through the ingenious connection of reception software, the company's access control system, parking reservations, and the tenant engagement mobile app. Improve reception performance, enhance enterprise security, and create unforgettable visitor experiences.

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Smart parking?
Genius parking!

Increase employee satisfaction through rapid parking lot optimization! Provide all your co-workers and visitors with a smooth, holistic, and ready-to-use parking system. Avoid tedious manual tasks! We offer remote access control and fully automated violations detection & resolution. Create an epic experience with touchless entry, online booking, and rapid configuration.

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Talk to your workplace.
Let it talk to you!

Community forum (exchange ideas, items, or invitations)
Interactive polls & surveys
Live public transport info
Order food from nearby restaurants
Get notified about news from your workplace
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Plastic cards?
No more!

Approximately 20% of plastic cards are stolen or lost every year! Reduce the security risks of unauthorized access and cut unnecessary expenses. With an integrated mobile access solution, we support your ESG targets through elimination of plastic waste and spare you the hidden costs connected to access management.

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Unmatched support.
Global coverage

5 time zones covered by Sharry Support
Fast first-response time from the Helpdesk team
Above average satisfaction according to Net Promoter Score
24/7 customer support in 5 world languages
Training for the whole team, in person or online
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Sharry Integrations Library

Get more through synergy with...

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