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We're open and flexible in the same way as the solution we provide. Through modular layout and open API for third-party integrations, you can assemble all features that best fit your needs and your tenants will love. Feel free to open any frequently asked question listed below, or don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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Is Sharry's solution applicable to different types of properties (commercial, build to rent, retail, mixed-used)?

Yes.  Our prime focus and expertise are on the office real estate market, but we can accommodate the solution also for mixed-use or residential projects. Based on our more than five years PropTech experience we know how to approach different types of property and bring unique value to each of those.

Does the solution suit only newly developed projects, or could Sharry be installed even in the existing buildings?

Our product is modular and perfectly fits any kind of property. We are able to serve already built small office or mixed-use projects with a lower budget. On the other hand, our full scope platform is designed for premium high-rises with 20,000+ sqm to deliver the best-in-class tenants' experience. We also have a strong background in delivering multiple solutions to asset funds with wide property portfolios. Each client is able to choose a different setup for each project according to the project size and limitations.

We're a client with an already built and working building with an installed access control system (ACS)? Is Sharry able to integrate with it?

We are the most experienced PropTech company on the market with fully operational integrations of more than 20 access control systems, including the global leaders like C•CURE by TYCO, Honeywell, Nedap, Inner Range, Lennel, Symmetry, Genetec, HID Global, etc.

Is Sharry only a digital layer for the building, or are there any hardware investments needed for the system launch?

Sharry is a software developer, so our product portfolio consists only of software products, no additional hardware is required. But to grant the best user experience, sometimes the property upgrade is necessary to ensure the full functionality of the ordered scope of the solution.

Our team is ready to recommend the matching hardware, including QR code scanners, lobby signage screens, smart cameras for automated license plate recognition at garages, or tablets for visitor check-in at reception.

How does Sharry promote the building's brand and what customization is available?

Sharry Workplace product is delivered as a white-label solution to ensure 100% support of the building's brand. We don't distribute any kind of generic app, but every mobile app (and even tablet app for visitors' check-in) is labelled by the building's brand. So in the end, the user is downloading a building's mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, not the Sharry Workplace labeled software.

All clients choose their own:

  • Mobile app brand name
  • Logo of the mobile and tablet app
  • Main color palette

What platforms does the Sharry solution support?

We develop web administration, tablet app for iOS, and above all mobile apps for iOS and Android with regular updates to be fully compatible with the latest versions of both most popular operating systems. Some product features are also accessible through other devices like smartwatches.

What is the standard scope of integrated solutions which Sharry provides? Is there any core product and optional modules available?

The most common setup in our project is the integration of the access control system (incl. mobile access and parking) with a visitor management system and tenant engagement mobile app. This connection ensures the very best user experience.

We are able to deliver this setup at speed around the globe with very competitive pricing. At the same time, this product scope will cover most of the needs of your day-to-day operations and brings you immediate value and difference from day one.

Since our solution is modular you are able to choose a sequential roll-out of deploying Sharry's solution. Every new feature could be flexibly integrated into the Sharry platform adding a new layer to the digital experience from your building or portfolio.

What's the standard outline of Sharry's implementation plan for any asset?

Our delivery process stands at the beginning of our cooperation. The delivery timeline is tailored to the client's needs and based on modules ordered per a particular project. On the other hand, Sharry teams have very strong know-how and long-standing experiences on how to streamline the process to achieve a fast and transparent delivery procedure. The standard delivery process of the Sharry's full-scope solution takes 6-8 weeks.

How's the security of Sharry's platform accomplished? Is it substantiated with any standard system management accreditations awarded to the company?

Sharry is certified with ISO/IEC 27001, providing requirements for an information security management system. In addition to this, we are regularly audited by EY (Ernst & Young) for cybersecurity threats. Sharry smart access platform is a cloud-based solution. Regarding personal data, we are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Sharry is headquartered in Prague, in the heart of Europe. How can you arrange the delivery to us on the spot?

The Sharry team is now over 50 people strong and working on projects in the US, EU, and South America. One of our biggest advantages is the number of live integration and a very experienced team in this specific field. We have established strong internal processes that allow us to run multiple projects or portfolios in different time zones smoothly, including delivery and service helpdesk working 24/7.

Is the API of Sharry's smart access platform available for other integrations based on tenants' needs?

Yes, we provide open API for integration of any third-party solution, e.g. booking of any external assets and building amenities, maintenance request or facility ticketing system, connections with local retailers to display their restaurant menus, of integrations of BMS or IoT sensors to share their data and outputs in the tenant's mobile app or on the lobby digital signages.

How does Sharry calculate Return On Investment (ROI) and measure the success of the provided solution?

Through Insights, our analytical platform embedded in every web administration, we provide the full scope of relevant data metrics and statistics. Based on user activities, we're capable of monitoring the building occupancy, compare the amenities usage among tenants, get a real-time parking utilization overview, or get instant tenants' feedback through interactive polls, mobile app usage, and other tenant engagement features. All this data is a very relevant source predicting tenant's satisfaction and underlining your tenants' retention strategy.

Sharry's platform brings satisfied tenants, saves time for asset and property managers due to smooth building operations and it also opens new revenue streams through third-party integrations, higher parking utilization, or automated reservations billing.

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