Brivo Mobile Pass
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Available in Q1/2023
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Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass combines the security you need with a convenient and user friendly app.

Remove the hassle of key fobs and key cards. Open doors across locations using your smartphone and Brivo’s mobile access control solution.

The Brivo mobile app provides tenants, employees, residents and guests with an easy way to unlock any kind of connected door.

Property managers can use Brivo mobile access control management to grant necessary access and control the property from anywhere.


  • Reduce the hassle of lost or forgotten credentials by issuing mobile credentials and digital badges
  • Increase Security without a biometric reader using fingerprint and facial recognition already built into smartphones
  • Assign credentials from anywhere by sending directly to the user’s smartphone
  • Increase efficiency with Magic Button by using one button to open multiple doors

The Smart Approach to Mobile Credentials

  • Convenient, multi-site access in one app
  • Instant credentialing for authorized users
  • Multi-factor authentication using smartphones biometrics
  • Secure credential storage Easily managed from Brivo Access
  • User friendly app
  • Your phone is your badge


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Brivo Mobile Pass