Smart parking?
Genius parking!

Why upgrade your parking software? Increase tenants' satisfaction, optimize parking lot, and maintain the property’s premium status. Provide tenants and visitors with a smooth, holistic, and ready-to-use parking system. Avoid tedious manual tasks! We offer remote access control and fully automated violations detection. Increase efficient use of parking capacity! Create an epic experience with touchless entry, online booking, and rapid configuration.

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Why Sharry Parking?

Easy remote operations: Optimize utilization through sharing of spots.
Delegate management of the parking lot easily to tenants with one click.
Solve parking violations swiftly with automatic detection & resolution.
Rely on detailed parking analytics (reports, prediction, occupancy).
Increase parking utilization, increase tenants' satisfaction, and increase revenue.
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Tenant access badge
in Apple Wallet

Enable your tenants and colleagues to seamlessly and securely tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock parking, office doors, turnstiles, elevators, and key card-protected amenity spaces. Sharry is one of the first companies to launch this leading-edge access feature based on the NFC to provide a seamless experience as users are used to with Apple Pay – even with a discharged battery.

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Familiar pain points? We have the solution!

Drivers desperately looking for a free spot?

Check the occupancy in the app. Book a spot online. No more driving around!

Late meetings due to parking?

Let your visitors book a spot online and grant them smooth access with license plate recognition.

Inefficient sharing of parking access?

Provide parking access remotely with one click. Even for all visitors.

Never-ending parking violations?

Rely on a fully automated system for parking issues detections and promptly resolving.

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