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Car parks of administrative and multi-functional buildings are used by office tenants and their visitors. Tenants usually have reserved zones in lower floors and the system observes the length of transit or presence of tenants in the zone intended for the public. It is best to have interconnection of access systems for the building and car park at least at the level of data carriers, to allow the tenant to use the same card for car parks and door lock readers.

Another required feature of car parking system for these application is counting of cars present in the car park for different groups, as the tenant companies usually own more cards then parking boxes. Systems support validation of short-term tickets, i.e. reduction or cancellation of the parking price for visitors of selected tenants. The system provides the car park operator with a survey of the quantity of granted discounts.

VILLA PRO has more than fifteen years of development and production experience in car parking systems. Our devices for the entrance, passage and exit of the car park, depending on their equipment, accept different means of identification. With their superior networking and scaling capability these different hardware concepts permit us to find the most effective and appropriate solution for any situation.

Parking system options

Apart from different means of identification, the next source of the flexibility of VILLA PRO car parking systems is the wide choice of options for any of the basic hardware concepts:

Different means of payment

Apart from coins and banknotes several types of stored value cards and bank cards are accepted by VILLA PRO car parking systems.

Voice communication

Depending on the situation, various types of intercoms are available. From stand – alone analogue or digital intercom systems up to PBX, phone line or GSM gate connectable devices.

Long range readers - LRR 800

Sometime are these readers a hands–free comfort but sometimes the only way how to install the reader in front of the garage door, when every column mounted on the ground could be a dangerous obstacle for passing cars.

Banknote dispenser

Multiplies the change giving capacity of the pay station.

Card reader integration

the entry and exit columns are prepared in a smart way for installation of all existing RFID technologies and card readers of various producers (MIFARE, Unique, Legic, HID…. KERI, Aritech, Honeywell, Salto, Abloy… )


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