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Demonstrate your expertise and validate your ability to create a truly smart office building and deliver a first-class workplace experience. Sharry offers comprehensive training programs for various job roles. Each of these programs consists of an e-learning course and passing exams to earn certification.

Get hands-on experience and earn a Sharry certification proving your skills.

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Sharry Certified is a series of courses designed to help our clients, end-users, and partners use advanced systems, tools, and applications integrated under the umbrella of the Sharry workplace experience platform.

Courses focus on concepts like mobile badges, visitor management, hybrid work, tenant engagement app, or smart parking management. This comprehensive program leverages insights from Sharry’s expertise in redefining workplace experience, as well as partnerships with some of the industry-leading companies.

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Improve your skills in a digital and workplace business that you can put into practice immediately.
Prove your knowledge to the world with the globally recognized and industry-endorsed certification.
Share your achievement in your LinkedIn newsfeed and add your credential to the Licenses & certifications section of your profile.
As a Certified partner, you will have prior access to the Sharry Support team.
Save time & money by mastering the Sharry workplace experience platform and through data-driven decisions.
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We probably know what you want to ask... (FAQ)

How long does the certification process take?

The total time depends on the type of the certification (see the next question below). Please get in touch with us and we will share the full curriculum with you. The Sharry Certified Program consist of 1-2h blocks and in total it is from 4 to 7 hours.

What are the differences between the various types of certificates? Which one is the right one for me?

Each type of Sharry Certification program is carefully crafted to address your different needs. All types will take you step-by-step through the most important modules of the Sharry workplace experience platform from your perspective.

  1. We have prepared a technical section for Integrators to use in their daily work with their access control system (ACS) and Sharry web administration.
  2. ‚ÄćProperty Managers and their teams will learn how they can benefit from our Data Insight module and how to improve their relationship with their tenants and boost their engagement.
  3. For Receptionists and Security teams, we focus on their daily operations ‚Äď i.e. working with the guestbook and how to manage badges.
  4. We also know very well what's important for Tenant Administrators. For them, in addition to the standard overview of modules and necessary operations such as people and card management, we've also prepared a focus on employee engagement and how they can easily leverage the existing platform.

What languages do you support in the Sharry Certified program?

We currently support English and Czech language.

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