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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, more commonly known as the T, is one of the oldest public transit systems in the United States. It's also the largest transit system in Massachusetts.

As a division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the MBTA provides subway, bus, Commuter Rail, ferry, and paratransit service to eastern Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island.

MBTA for Developers

The MBTA makes information available for developers, including schedules, real-time arrival predictions, alerts, performance metrics, and historical data.

MBTA Data Sources

The MBTA publishes data through the following sources:

  • V3 API: A fast, flexible, standards-based API for schedules, arrival predictions, vehicle locations, and service alerts.
  • GTFS: Industry-standard feed for bulk schedule data. Historic feeds also available.
  • GTFS-realtime: Industry-standard feed for bulk arrival predictions, vehicle locations, and service alerts.
  • MBTA-performance: The MBTA’s performance data API.
  • MBTA Open Data Portal: Get detailed, historical data—including ridership and performance data, schedules, and other system information.

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