Tenant experience.

Comprehensive tenant experience platform
Unmatched reliability and ease of deployment
Distribute credentials instantly, globally and touch-free
White label solution for hybrid and flexible workplaces
Turn your building into a community!
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White label solution
to suit your needs

Sharry is white-label by default, but surprisingly customizable, to give landlords and property managers the opportunity to imprint the building's brand into every single detail. The white-label feature serves as a tool to personalize the tenant's experience and show them you’ve gone the extra mile to make them feel special.

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Hybrid and flexible.
What tenants want

Let your tenants switch easily between working from home and office. Equip all building occupiers with the class A hybrid work tools for effective hot-desking and a robust booking system for meeting rooms, parking spots, or building amenities. All features are integrated and configured in a one-stop platform. Give your tenants what they want!

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Why does Sharry have
the highest % of active users?

Dedicated Launch & Activation team
Unmatched onboarding in-app UX
Dedicated roll-out campaigns
Constant usage monitoring
Tenants use our building access every day!
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Visitor management.
No compromises

Make all visitors feel exceptional and remove all obstacles on the way to their meetings. Accomplished through the ingenious connection of reception software, the property's access control system, parking reservations, and the building's mobile app. Improve reception performance, enhance building security, and create unforgettable visitor experiences.

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It’s all about data.
Get insights!

Predict tenant behavior
Set daily operations based on real data, not assumptions
Get valuable information from interactive polls
Set automated alerts for custom operation levels
Attract more and better tenants
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Smart parking?
Genius parking!

Increase tenant satisfaction, optimize the parking lot, and maintain the property’s premium status. Provide tenants and visitors with a smooth, holistic, and ready-to-use parking system. Avoid tedious manual tasks! We offer remote access control and fully automated violations detection. Create an epic experience with touchless entry, online booking, and rapid configuration.

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Turn your building
into a vibrant community

Easily communicate with all your tenants in mobile app, web administration, and lobby signage ‚Äď with one click, even remotely! Keep them excited about their workplace by sharing building news, community events, or special offers. And get feedback through interactive polls, surveys, and maintenance requests.

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A mobile app
your tenants will love

With the Sharry mobile app, you'll get the best-in-class access solution, easy booking of meeting rooms or parking spots, all information about building at one place, menus from TOP nearby restaurants, special offers from various spots, live public transport info, and much more!

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Tenant access badge.
Always with them

Unlock turnstiles, doors, parking, elevators, printers just with a tap of your smartphone or smart watch. It's smooth, secure, and super-fast. Sharry supports a myriad of combinations (eg. NFC, BLE, and Apple Wallet access). You can combine multiple access systems in one mobile app through our huge library of running access control systems integrations.

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Unmatched support.
Global coverage

5 time zones covered by Sharry Support
Fast first-response time from the Helpdesk team
Above average satisfaction according to Net Promoter Score
24/7 customer support in 5 world languages
Training for the whole team, in person or online
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Why Sharry?

Integrated with your current access control system
Real-time office occupancy & workplace analytics
One product ‚Äď any building, any office, anywhere
Digital drivers for the
ESG-friendly workplace
Flexible solution for hybrid work challenges
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