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RiiG Parking System

Complete parking solutions

Intelligent Parking Occupancy System

We provide the most advanced parking occupancy system offered in the European Union. Based on an Ai sensor, supporting up to 6 parking spaces, we can recognize and prevail on-site data about space occupancy/availability, the registration number of the parked vehicle, and the length of parking time.

Reliable vacancy navigation

We produce our own signage system, a set of navigation boards, poles and totems will allow you to efficiently find a free space even in the most crowded and complicated parking lot. Thanks to fast communication with Ai sensors, the availability statuses change on the boards in real time.

Find my car

The Ai sensors transmit images of parked cars to the parking lot finder system the moment a space is occupied. This allows you to find the vehicle and the route to it using an app on your phone, at the checkout or at an information kiosk.

Barrierless paid parking system

The system collects and processes data on the length of parking time for individual license plates. Data stored in the master directory are synchronized with parking meters. System recognizes and reports unpaid vehicle, can summon controller and generate special fee ticket. Thanks to a dedicated application, the controller can make and keep a photo documentation needed to collect a fine.

  • Solution: Parking occupancy and guidance system
  • Device 1: Integrated vision sensor with siren and Ai processor
  • Device 2: Integrated high mount mapping camera with AI processor
  • Device 3: High resolution LED board
  • Device type: Dedicated, integrated (All in one), indoor / outdoor
  • Peripherals: Uses existing infrastructure
  • Equipment price: Moderate
  • Installation cost: Very low
  • Installation time: Fast
  • Manufacturer: RiiG Ai
  • Data transmission: Wireless / GSM / LTE / 5G
  • Requirements: 230V power supply
  • Accuracy: Over 99%
  • Data provided: availability of spaces, occupancy map, safety copy, find-my-car solution, parking time and place, amount of payment, application data, access data
  • Access to data: Dedicated business intelligence platform alg0r1thm, online after log-in
  • Data for clients: Application, website, touch boards, cash registers
  • For whom: Shopping centers and parks, large-scale supermarkets, train and airport stations, public buildings, office buildings, apartment buildings, streets and private parking lots


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RiiG Parking System