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Sharry and LEGIC Partner to Combine Mobile Access Technologies

Sharry to integrate LEGIC Connect into their wallet-based mobile access management solutions for commercial real estate.

As a global provider of a workplace experience platform built around digital employee badges, Sharry has partnered with leading mobile credentialing platform provider LEGIC to offer comprehensive workplace access and visitor management solutions based on Android and iOS wallets.

By joining the LEGIC Partner Network, Sharry gains direct access to LEGIC’s mobile credentialing platform LEGIC Connect as well as exclusive access to LEGIC’s “Wallet Program”. The goal is to integrate Sharry’s versatile workplace solutions such as enterprise visitor, hybrid work, tenant, and smart parking management with LEGIC’s cloud-based mobile credentialing service. This gives employees and visitors easy and convenient access control to parking, offices, and meeting rooms all via their iPhone or Android smartphone wallet. Services such as office-related news, events calendar, and menus of nearby restaurants are also supported. Configurations and real-time updates are provided securely and over-the-air.

Sharry’s access solutions also offer booking of parking spaces, desks, meeting rooms, and amenities as well as detailed analytics about office occupancy, visitors, room usage and access violations. Compatibility with the large installed base of LEGIC-based readers is ensured.

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Seamless integration, effortless access

Based on Near Field Communications (NFC) as well as Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, smartphone wallets deliver a convenient user experience akin to using a traditional smartcard. With the appropriate mode activated, you don’t even need to wake or unlock your device, enter a PIN, or establish a network connection. Just hold your smartphone near the reader to unlock. It’s easy, convenient, and private, eliminating the hassle of finding and launching an app which requires both hands – a significant improvement over dedicated applications.

Users can enhance security by activating biometric verification such as facial recognition within their mobile wallet. Additionally, smartphone wallets function as a centralized repository for multiple payment cards, virtual IDs and keys, simplifying their use across a variety of applications provided by multiple unrelated service providers.

Get into your space, even when your smartphone needs a charge.

With Sharry’s wallet-based technology, access applications can operate even when the smartphone battery is critically low, up to five hours, unlike dedicated apps that cease to function. This feature is particularly valuable for access control scenarios where the ability to enter buildings or parking garages when the phone battery appears dead provides both convenience and peace of mind.

“Excited to announce our new partnership with LEGIC, one of the leaders in the industry. We're integrating our technologies for mobile access credentials. This collaboration will enable users to have easy and secure access to offices, buildings, and services through mobile devices, while providing property managers and owners with comprehensive access control and management. We believe this innovative integration will provide users and property managers with the best possible experience and efficient access control management,” said Karel Hudínek, Head of Technology Partnerships at Sharry.

“We are excited to collaborate with Sharry to leverage the best of our respective technologies for mobile access management. Our combined solution will give users secure and convenient smartphone wallet-based access to buildings and services, while providing facilities managers and landlords with valuable features and analytics. This results in a comprehensive overview and control of who is using their buildings and services, and when.”  said John Harvey, Head of Business Unit Access Control at LEGIC.

To learn more about Sharry integrations, please visit this web page or contact us to discuss whether and how we can connect the systems operating in your company or workplace.

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