Smart parking?
Genius parking!

All-in-one platform for smart parking management
Parking reservations, reporting, and violations solving
Automatic license plate recognition
Parking analytics for ESG optimization
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A green light
for smart parking

Reduce the environmental impact of your employee parking through flexible and smart parking management ready for hybrid work. You can adjust assigned, shared, or visitor spots on the fly to get higher satisfaction and utilization.

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Endless parking hassles?
The only solution

Manage and control parking access and reservations for all your company employees and visitors on one centralized digital platform. Enable automated real-time allocation, reduce the number of manual management tasks on multiple tools, and decrease pressure over chaotic parking issues.

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Parking analytics.
Data-driven decisions

Maximizing the parking lot usage will not only ensure user satisfaction but is also aligned with the ESG approach. Use metrics split by complex, tenant, or visitors to optimize each spot. Thanks to intuitive UI, you can understand in great depth what’s going on in your company or across the parking lot.

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Auto recommendations
for maximum utilization

With cutting-edge digital signage integration, the platform can automatically recommend where to park. This sustainable approach leads to finding spots faster and makes all drivers happier commuting to work and more productive at the office.

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Unmatched support.
Global coverage

5 time zones covered by Sharry Support
Fast first-response time from the Helpdesk team
Above average satisfaction according to Net Promoter Score
24/7 customer support in 5 world languages
Training for the whole team, in person or online
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Why Sharry Parking?

Distribute and prioritize parking slots fairly in order to avoid office tension.
Reduce unnecessary rides that harm the environment and waste employee time.
Digital mirror of the up-to-date parking status at your fingertips.
Easy remote operations: optimize utilization through sharing of spots.
Create an epic visitor experience with an online booking system.
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Familiar pain points? We have the solution!

Multiple tools to manage parking?

Grant parking access, manage reservations, and export data insights in one flexible platform.

Lack of useful parking data?

Make parking a service and pay only for used spots. We’ll back you with detailed usage data.

Drivers desperately looking for a free spot?

Check the occupancy in the app. Book a spot online. No more driving around!

Late meetings due to parking issues?

Let your visitors book a spot online and grant them smooth access.

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