Smart parking?
Genius parking!

Reduce the environmental impact of your employee parking through flexible parking management ready for hybrid work. You can adjust assigned, shared, or visitor spots on the fly to get higher satisfaction and utilization. Manage and control parking access for all your company employees and visitors on one digital platform. Reduce manual management tasks on multiple tools, pressure over chaotic parking issues, and enable automated real-time allocation.

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Why Sharry Parking?

Distribute and prioritize parking slots fairly in order to avoid office tension.
Reduce unnecessary employee rides wasting the environment and their time.
Digital mirror of the up-to-date parking status at your fingertips.
Easy remote operations: Optimize utilization through sharing of spots.
Create an epic visitor experience with an online booking system.
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Employee badge
in Apple Wallet

Enable your employees and colleagues to seamlessly and securely tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock parking, office doors, turnstiles, elevators, and key card-protected amenity spaces. Sharry is one of the first companies to launch this leading-edge access feature based on the NFC to provide a seamless experience as users are used to with Apple Pay – even with a discharged battery.

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Familiar pain points? We have the solution!

Multiple tools to manage parking?

Grant parking access, manage reservations, export data insights in one flexible platform.

Lack of useful parking data?

Take parking as a service and pay only for used spots. We’ll back you with detailed usage data.

Drivers desperately looking for a free spot?

Check the occupancy in the app. Book a spot online. No more driving around!

Late meetings due to parking issues?

Let your visitors book a spot online and grant them smooth access.

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