C-CURE 9000
Access Control Systems
Software House
Supported Version
Version 2.7 or newer
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C-CURE 9000

C-CURE 9000 is a leading access control system developed by Software House, owned equipping nearly 10,000 facilities worldwide with their security and event management technologies.

A combination of reliability, flexibility and power has allowed C-CURE 9000 to become the solution of choice for leading businesses around the world.

Integrate Sharry with C-CURE 9000 to streamline your employees, visitors and contractors' access to your building. Employees, visitors and contractors are automatically created in C-CURE 9000 after preregistration in Sharry, with access rights determined by their arrival time. You decide if they then need to check-in at the iPad to get access or if they use the QR code from their email and can go straight through to a gate or entry point, letting you build the workplace experience that fits your business.

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C-CURE 9000