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What is mobile access? It allows you to use your mobile phone or wearable device the same way you use your plastic office access card. Access turnstiles, doors, elevators, parking, printers, etc. It is more convenient and more secure than plastic cards. People are losing plastic cards all the time, but not mobile phones. Mobile cards can be distributed and canceled remotely with one click. Not ready to give up your plastic cards completely? No problem, you can use both as they work independently.

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Why Sharry mobile access?

Access turnstiles, doors, elevators and parking simply with the phone
Manage both physical and mobile cards from one place
Powerful access hierarchies (from property managers to subtenats)
Fast and fully remote employees onboarding
Data-driven retention plan based on workplace utilization analytics
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in Apple Wallet

Enable your tenants and colleagues to seamlessly and securely tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock office doors, turnstiles, elevators, and key card-protected amenity spaces. Sharry is one of the first companies to launch this leading-edge access feature based on the NFC to provide a seamless experience as users are used to with Apple Pay – even with a discharged battery.

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Cover all access points

Building entrance

Manage all access permissions from one place just with one click, even remotely. Save your time, make your building safe.


Delegate the parking administration to tenants and their employees. Let them flexibly tailor the service. Get higher utilization.


Speed up the occupants' flow in the lobby thanks to mobile access. Ensure higher security standards with mobile credentials.


Get rid of queues. Whenever an employee passes the turnstile, Sharry will automatically call an elevator to their floor. Or users can change it – in the app.

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