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2N® Mobile Key

The 2N® Mobile Key application turns your mobile phone into an access card for passage through buildings. The application communicates with our selected 2N IP intercoms and access control units using NFC and Bluetooth technologies.

  • Mobile phone as an RFID card
  • Simple handling
  • Reliable functionality

User Identification with Bluetooth (available for Android and iOS)
You can use the recently introduced Bluetooth modules for the 2N® IP Verso intercoms and the 2N IP access control units. Two-factor authentication is also supported for maximum security.

User Identification with NFC (only available for Android)
You can use your smart phone in the same way as a standard RFID card when accessing a building. Touch your smart phone to a reader on a 2N® IP Verso intercom, 2N® IP Force intercom, or 2N IP access control units to let these devices identify you and permit access to the building.

No complex settings are required for the 2N® Mobile Key. All you need to do is download the application onto your mobile phone or tablet and let it run in the background.

2N | About The Company

2N develop market-leading intercoms, answering units and access readers that are future-proof, scalable, and built to last. Open and easy integration is something 2N prides themselves on, along with a strong focus on innovation and reliability. They developed the world’s first LTE and IP intercoms and became part of the Axis Group in 2016, widening their sales network and strengthening their resources!


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2N® Mobile Key