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We produce and supply parking systems designed for the collection of parking fees. The modular solution allows a parking system to be compiled exactly in compliance with the needs of individual customers. Parking systems are suitable for car parks of all types and sizes, for multi-storey car parks and standard garages.

Parking system Variant

The GP4P parking system Variant is a variable system for the collection of parking fees. In the year 2013, the parking system Variant went through significant innovation, the older model of GP3P was replaced by a new system, GP4P. The main difference between these types of systems, GP3P and GP4P, consists in the used communication technology. For communication, the RS-422 serial communication standard is used in the older type of the GP3P system. The network communication via TCP/IP is used in the innovated version of GP4P.

  • for large car parks
  • for car parks using other parking system modules (e.g. camera systems for automatic recognition of LPs or the parking guidance system designed for guiding vehicles to vacant parking spaces).

Parking system Economy

The autonomous parking system Economy represents an economical parking solution for more simple car parks. GPE4P allows unattended, fully automated collection of parking fees. The parking system is designed as a set for a car park with one or more entries and one exit. Its characteristics make it suitable both for public and private car parks. However, it can be used also as a company car park, a car park at accommodation buildings, at supermarkets, tourist attractions and many other places. The system offers many tariffs for selection. Either a bar code or a contactless parking card can be used for parking.

  • autonomous parking system that operates as an unattended unit
  • system is suitable mainly for more simple car parks with one or more entries and one exit

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