Connect all occupants.
Through building

What do all your building's occupants have in common? It's your building! Engage them through the only mobile app they use daily – your building app. They activate it to open doors and turnstiles, to access the parking, to invite guests…

Then you may be assured that they are listening on the other side of the very first interactive communication channel from the property and asset managers to the whole building community.

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  • Reservations
  • Polls
  • Lunch menu
  • Flag maintenance
  • Digital signage
  • News
OO…and 50+ other popular features that boost building communityOO

Why Sharry tenant engagement platform?

Smart access foundation ensures high user engagement
Choose from more
than 50 most popular features
Communicate to all occupants through mobile app
and digital signage
Book shared amenities
(meeting rooms, bikes etc.)
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Installation process

Install Sharry server physically in your building
Connect it to the network and your access control system
Manage everything
from one place, even remotely
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Get message from and to your tenants

Feedback from tenants

  • Real-time office utilisation
  • Polls & surveys
  • Forum
  • Maintenance requests

Communication to tenants

  • Building guidelines
  • News
  • Events
  • Special offers
  • Restaurant menus
    (with dedicated admin login for restaurant manager)
  • Public transport
  • Emergency alerts
…and much more

Digital signage

  • Parking occupancy and navigation
  • Public transport
  • Events
  • Emergency alerts
  • Restaurant menus
  • Tenants’ logos and location in the building

Amenities booking

  • Simple amenities management (web admin) and booking (mobile app)
  • Integrated with a system for billing and reporting
  • New revenue stream through asset reservations
  • Notifications for amenities manager
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