Access for all building occupants. Secure. Smooth. Speeded up

Sharry is the most robust access control platform on the market through the integration of 20+ most popular access control systems. Provide a five-star experience and enhanced safety for your tenants every time they enter the building. We connect future-proof mobile access with smart parking solutions generating higher utilization and with touch-free elevator calls. All features maximize the frictionless flow of building occupants from street to seat.

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Tenant manager grants permission for building access
Occupier generates a mobile card or uploads a license plate
Occupier opens
the door without
unlocking the phone
Property manager gets statistics about space utilization

Why Sharry mobile access?

Access turnstiles, doors, elevators and parking simply with the phone
Manage both physical and mobile cards from one place
Powerful access hierarchies (from property managers to subtenats)
Fast and fully remote employees onboarding
Data-driven retention plan based on workplace utilization analytics
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Installation process

Install Sharry server physically in your building
Connect it to the network and your access control system
Manage everything
from one place, even remotely
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Cover all access points

Building entrance

Manage all access permissions from one place just with one click, even remotely. Save your time, make your building safe.


Delegate the parking administration to tenants and their employees. Let them flexibly tailor the service. Get higher utilization.


Speed up the occupants' flow in the lobby thanks to mobile access. Ensure higher security standards with mobile credentials.


Get rid of queues. Whenever an employee passes the turnstile, Sharry will automatically call an elevator to their floor. Or users can change it – in the app.

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