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MyPass Mobile Credentials

MyPass Mobile Credentials

MyPass by WaveLynx is an elegantly simple mobile application that does one thing perfectly. It securely stores your MyPass ID and communicates it securely to your access control system for authentication. MyPass features zero-touch cloud-issued credentials for manual enrollment into your access control system.


  • Supports NFC for Android and Bluetooth® Low Energy for iOS
  • Ultra fast transaction times of less than 1 second
  • Complete user privacy
  • No personal information is used by the app
  • All data is stored in separate secure element
  • Free download and usage


  • Guaranteed uniqueness of MyPass ID
  • MyPass ID data secured at rest in device in secure enclave storage
  • Fully authenticated issuance from secure cloud credential authority
  • End-to-end encrypted and signed credential data (AES 256)
  • Multi-factor authentication using both user PIN and device security


  • Hardware Requirements: Android devices with NFC and iPhone® 6 and later
  • Available for iOS 10 and later and Android Marshmallow 6.0 and later
  • MyPass ID is a 32-bit unique number (no parity bits)
  • Hold-to-reader mimics proximity card (short read range)
  • Compatible Ethos Readers (with firmware versions 2.4.2 and later), Mullion (ET10-6, ET10-7), Single Gang (ET20-6, ET20-7), Keypad (ET25-6, ET25-7)


  • Hold phone within 1 inch of the reader
  • Some phone cases may interfere with communication—remove case when troubleshooting
  • On Android, ensure the screen is illuminated (device does not need to be unlocked)
  • Ensure NFC is enabled on Android and BLE is enabled on iOS

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MyPass Mobile Credentials