Employee access
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All your offices. One access card.
Unmatched security. Use your existing SSO.
Distribute cards instantly, globally and touch-free.
Zero downtime. Integrated with your access system.
Mobile and physical cards at the same time.
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All your offices.
One access card.

Whether you have one office or 100 offices across the world, you can access all of them with the same mobile card. Traveling between offices becomes a surprisingly smooth experience.

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Unmatched security.
SSO, Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Employees can login using your existing SSO solution. Identity cards are encrypted and safely stored in Apple Wallet. The same hardware technology that makes Apple Pay private and secure. Android users can enjoy the same level of security as Google Pay.

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Distribute cards from one place.
Instantly, globally and touch-free.

You can distribute/revoke access cards and change access levels for all offices from Sharry. Fully online, touch-free and instant. No need to issue anything physically or upfront.

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Happy employees. Happy company.
Make your employees feel valued.

Sharry’s unmatched user experience will allow your employees to focus on important things. No handling of physical cards or paperwork. Admin sets access level and end-users accept mobile access cards with a single click.

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Zero downtime.
Integrated with your access system.

Sharry is integrated with 20+ access control systems. So all your current infrastructure can stay in place and your employees can start using Sharry without any disruption to current operations.

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