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STid, as the European leader in high-security digital identification, ensures the protection of organizations' strategic assets.

We design interoperable, scalable, and innovative identification solutions for access control and industrial traceability. Built on open technologies, our solutions empower clients to control and master all aspects of their security policies.

As a key player in security with recognized expertise in the field, STid actively contributes to evolve the market’s standards.

STid Mobile ID

STid Mobile ID utilizes innovative technology, enabling users to badge in with their smartphones while prioritizing privacy by not recording personal data. An agile solution adaptable to various organizational settings, it reduces costs and environmental impact by minimizing plastic card usage. combines top-notch security with a wireless, virtual user experience.  

STid Mobile ID is designed to serve as an end-to-end solution, ensuring robust encryption and authentication methods .

STid Mobile ID empowers end-users with a seamless experience to badge in, simply using their smartphone. As privacy is key in processing personal data, STid Mobile ID doesn’t record any personal information.  

STid Mobile ID is an agile solution to fit every organization’s needs : in fast moving or multi-applications environments, without compromising on security. STid Mobile ID, a fully digital solution significantly reduces costs and resources allocated to card management.

STid Mobile ID is a perfect way to reduce plastic usage , the lifetime value of virtual cards strongly surpasses the physical card’s one, as it is transferable it can last a lifetime.

To learn more about Sharry and STid technology partnership and mobile credential integration, click HERE.

Architect : Access Control Readers

The most awarded line of access control readers.

Discover the unparalleled security of Architect® scalable readers, designed to deliver effortless and highly efficient access control for any situation. Our state-of-the-art multi-layered security model ensures the authenticity and confidentiality of your data. Regardless of the complexity of your requirements, one thing always takes precedence: SECURITY FIRST.

Every now and again, things come along that completely transform our way of thinking, creating new benchmarks and challenging our well-worn concepts. With its innovative range of Architect® readers, STid has created the perfect blend of high security and upgradability. This is the first modular range of secure RFID, NFC (HCE) and Bluetooth® readers offering both flexibility and simplicity.

Architect® readers are built on an intelligent RFID core (Bluetooth® optional), to which various interchangeable modules can be connected: card reader, keypad, touch screen, biometric fingerprint sensor, 1D & 2D code reader (QR Code) and 125 kHz reader, facilitating seamless technological migrations.

Sharry & STid Integration Brings Significant Benefits For Customers

Sharry, a workplace experience platform around digital employee badges, has entered into a technology partnership with STid, the European leader in high-security digital identification. For enterprises and landlords, this integration brings complete automation of the end-user lifecycle, including their workplace access. The joint solution has already been successfully deployed at the first commercial real estate project in Prague.

“Through the integration between Sharry and STid, users need only one workplace app. Their smartphone serves as an access badge, a tool for reservations, inviting guests, sending a new service request, or a way to join local events. In addition, Sharry allows users to have multiple mobile badges from different credential providers on their phone and combine them flexibly.”

Karel Hudínek, Head of Technology Partnerships at Sharry

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