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AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business, a standout product by Sand Studio dedicated to simplifying device management and boosting productivity, is an enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM) solution. Equipped with advanced features such as remote access and control, device provisioning, policy enforcement, kiosk mode, location tracking, geofencing, and app management, AirDroid Business provides a robust and user-friendly platform for managing and monitoring Android devices, ensuring security and compliance across the board.

AirDroid Business's acclaimed MDM solution currently empowers organizations across 100+ countries. Our expertise spans various vertical markets such as retail, healthcare, digital signage, transportation & logistics, IT & MSP services, and education.

Our Mission

AirDroid Business offers organizations a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly centralized platform, addressing all aspects of endpoint and user security. By systematically aligning the relationship between users, devices, and corporate data, it ensures enhanced security and control for organizations.

  • Simplified device management for businesses

Simple deployment, management, monitoring, and device support with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and effort.

  • Make full device visibility to businesses

Unawareness of device downtime can significantly impact your business. Our unified monitoring platform provides real-time visibility into every screen, detail, and status, keeping you one step ahead.

  • Assist businesses in reducing costs

Eliminate the need for manual device management or on-site visits by handling everything remotely. Save on unnecessary costs and allocate resources towards growing your business.

Why Sharry?

Integrated with your current access control system
Manage everything from one place
One product, any building, any office, anywhere
Compliant with all
US & EU data regulations
Ready for hybrid & flexible workplace

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