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Measurement and control
We deliver and implement complete M&R/BMS systems, including their design and visualisation. We are not limited to offering products from just one regulating system manufacturer, which allows us to always be able to choose the best and most suitable technical solutions currently available on the market.

Heavy current
In the field of high-current wiring, we have proven experience with various types of building projects, such as apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial and logistics facilities. We supply complete services, from design to implementation and subsequent service.

Low current
We provide low-current systems like electric fire alarms (EPS), evacuation broadcasting systems (ERO), security alarms (EZS), closed circuit television (CCTV), and others. We also follow the latest trends in low-current systems, and we will fully cover your order from its design, through delivery and assembly to service.

Our professional service guarantees the quality of any completed building technical support. Preventing any undesirable events that could result in additional costs to you is the top priority of all of our activities. We inspect all of our technological equipment during preventive inspections.

Well-executed installations are the result of quality designs. We provide both for all the fields we trade in: metering and regulation, high-current, and low-current. We will produce your complete design documentation at all levels (studies, DUR, DSP, RD) for various types of buildings (residential buildings, industrial facilities, and public buildings).


  • 3643+ projects have been realized since the establishment of our company
  • 938+ clients used our comprehensive services
  • 155+ experienced professionals working in our company
  • 22+ We have been active in the field of measurement and regulation for many years

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