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Hexnode, the Enterprise software division of Mitsogo Inc. was founded on a mission to build the future of business mobility around intelligent tools that simplify the way people work. Born from the need for a worry-free, ready-to-work experience aligned with IT, the creators of Hexnode decided to make it their life’s work to craft an intelligent, unified workspace platform.

Hexnode's award-winning UEM has now empowered organizations in over 100 countries with a centralized platform for enterprise-wide device, app, content, identity and threat management. Hexnode is now fueling the transformation to a seamless ecosystem of connected tools, one software at a time.


Hexnode takes care of every aspect of endpoint and user security in the most detailed way, as well as easily implements it. The dependence between user, device, and corporate data is systematically aligned to provide the best security and control needed to manage enterprise endpoints under one console. With a technology that is future-proof and edging towards complete automation and hands-free management, Hexnode continues to make businesses secure.


Businesses always adopt new technologies to enhance work and productivity. When technologies change at a rapid pace, businesses require a solution that adapts to these frequent changes for managing the corporate endpoints and data. Being a security management solution, Hexnode understands the risks and requirements of enterprises to utilize an encompassing platform that covers all security bases. Hexnode helps close the gap between the mobile endpoints and IT, plus makes security and management of endpoints simple.

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Integrated with your current access control system
Manage everything from one place
One product, any building, any office, anywhere
Compliant with all
US & EU data regulations
Ready for hybrid & flexible workplace

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