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SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems revolutionised access control with the introduction of the SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card technology and the advanced battery-operated wireless electronic smart door lock range in 2001.

For nearly 20 years SALTO has been synonymous with innovative solutions, including stand-alone, cloud-based and mobile applications, that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility and design that bring real-world benefits to virtually any door and building type. Across a broad range of industries and applications, SALTO is widely recognised as a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

Our purpose

SALTO Systems develops and manufactures advanced and reliable wireless electronic locking and access control smart solutions that provide a smoother, more comfortable, and secure daily life for the people using our systems.

We bring added value to our clients, making it easier for decision-making and smarter management of facilities. Our goal is to not only be within the top three companies in our sector in the world, but to also be your number one smart electronic access control provider. As an organisation, we intend to create an ecosystem of end-users, clients, partners, collaborators, and suppliers with whom we build long-lasting, win-win relationships guided by closeness, flexibility, integrity, and trust.

We strive to be an attractive company for the people working at SALTO with advantages, services, and attention that helps contribute to improving their personal and professional goals. We expect and appreciate efficient and responsible work but also the passion to provide best-of-breed solutions and cutting-edge technologies to our customers.

At SALTO, we are aware that in addition to the products, technologies, and services we deliver, we are part of a much broader framework. For this reason, we are committed to being responsible as it relates to the environment and sustainability This responsibility goes beyond corporate goals, being our firm compromise to keep alive a range of activities consistent with these principles continuously.

Our Core Values

To be consistent with our purpose as a company, and to respond to our business objectives without compromising values, we place an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Ability to self-criticize
  • Desire to excel
  • Orientation to customer
  • Collaboration
  • Passion

Our Figures

SALTO Systems aims to have a leading role in the unstoppable process of the massive replacement of mechanical keys with electronic keys. This commitment has positioned us as one of the top three leading manufacturers of electronic locks worldwide.

Our goal is to develop products and new technologies that adapt to the continuously-changing needs of each vertical market through reliable solutions that are easy to install, use, and maintain.

  • 5,000,000 equipped access points.
  • More than 40,000 projects spread all over the world.
  • 40 offices and a global international structure with 28 subsidiaries.
  • 40,000,000 daily users from all over the world use our technology to access their place of work, building, school or home.

Why Sharry?

Integrated with your current access control system
Manage everything from one place
One product, any building, any office, anywhere
Compliant with all
US & EU data regulations
Ready for hybrid & flexible workplace

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