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We are a Czech manufacturer of turnstiles, attendance systems, entry devices, and other identification systems with over 30 years of experience. Since 2019 we have been part of the Gunnebo group, the world's leading entrance control and safe storage company.

We do everything to make your employees or company guests feel safe and most welcome. Our brand offers a wide range of products, solutions, and services for secure and smart access to corporate offices, airports, government institutions, and manufacturing plants – to name a few.

With COMINFO products, you can control nearly all entrances. Simply and efficiently. With our turnstiles, we fully secure and streamline the entrance to your company. We make it easy for you to process employees' attendance, manage the movement of people and visitor data, and record company meals. We also specialize in ticketing systems and self-service paid access. We can integrate everything into one functional system.

A large part of our production is custom-tailored, and there are only a few things that we have never encountered in the field for decades.

Our number one product is EasyGate Superb – the world’s slimmest, fully equipped speed gate.

Why Sharry?

Integrated with your current access control system
Manage everything from one place
One product, any building, any office, anywhere
Compliant with all
US & EU data regulations
Ready for hybrid & flexible workplace

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