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Sharry & STid Integration Brings Significant Benefits For Customers

Sharry, a workplace experience platform around digital employee badges, has entered into a technology partnership with STid, the European leader in high-security digital identification. For enterprises and landlords, this integration brings complete automation of the end-user lifecycle, including their workplace access. The joint solution has already been successfully deployed at the first commercial real estate project in Prague.

Sharry has recently extended its portfolio of mobile badges that are easily managed through its workplace platform and the white-labeled workplace app to include STid as another credential provider. This collaboration brings together the strengths of both partners, creating a seamless experience for users who seek efficient and modern workplace solutions.

The partnership goes beyond formal agreements and has already seen real-world implementation. All tenants of the recently opened Roztyly Plaza office building in Prague can benefit from the combined solution that Sharry and STid bring to improve workplace operations and experience.

“Through the integration between Sharry and STid, users need only one workplace app. Their smartphone serves as an access badge, a tool for reservations, inviting guests, sending a new service request, or a way to join local events. In addition, Sharry allows users to have multiple mobile badges from different credential providers on their phone and combine them flexibly,” said Karel Hudínek, Head of Technology Partnerships at Sharry.
“STid Mobile ID® is based on end-to-end security with modern encryption standards and significantly reduces costs for credentials by enabling to create, deliver, and revoke virtual cards with just one mouse click with our unique one-time nonrecurring fee business model. Through this integration, STid and Sharry will provide a unique user experience which significantly improves the support and security policies,” said Mirka Storm, Regional Sales Manager in Central Europe at STid.


The workplace experience platform powered by Sharry can ensure complete automation of the user's lifecycle and their STid credential.

“We can connect to Identity Management (IdM) systems and sync the user database. The user is invited to download the workplace app and  generate the STid credential. We can enroll their badge including the required access levels to more than 20 access control systems. And all of this automatically!” adds Karel Hudínek.

What happens if a user leaves the company? Their access badge is immediately revoked, and Sharry ensures that the STid credential returns to the pool.

The integrated Sharry and STid solution provides several significant benefits for managing workplaces and office buildings:

  • Saves time and money during credential handover.
  • Enhances physical security through innovative software solutions.
  • The white-label app also supports employer branding and user engagement.
  • Provides an excellent end-user workplace experience.
  • Mobile credentials are a key aspect of a strategy towards an ESG-friendly workspace.
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About STid

STid, as the European leader in high-security digital identification, ensures the protection of organizations' strategic assets. We design interoperable, scalable, and innovative identification solutions for access control and industrial traceability. Built on open technologies, our solutions empower clients to control and master all aspects of their security policies. As a key player in security with recognized expertise in the field, STid actively contributes to evolve the market’s standards. To learn more, please visit www.stid.com.

About Sharry

Sharry is a workplace experience platform that is built around digital employee badges. Enterprises use Sharry to secure frictionless access (for employees and visitors) and first-class workplace experience through bridging multiple access control systems, different access credentials (e.g. Wallet-based badges, plastic ID cards, QR codes, license plate numbers), and multiple office locations. To learn more, visit www.sharry.tech and follow us on LinkedIn.

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