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Smooth Mobile Access: Set Default Employee Building Access

Another obstacle is gone! We've significantly improved our mobile access so you can set a default access role for anyone from your company. What's the game-changing difference?

Do you want employees to walk in with a mobile card through building turnstiles on their very first day, without the need to manually assign access roles first? Now it's possible, convenient, and secure through the latest upgrade of the Sharry mobile access solution.

What's the difference?


During the onboarding of every new employee, an admin had to set the access role manually in web administration or accept mobile card requests from every single user one by one and then add access permissions.

Sounds like a no big deal with setting up for 3 new employees joining your company this month? But imagine importing 250 new users during the company relocation process. Or simply if you want to provide all your colleagues even from different locations with a great experience and smooth access to your HQ office. Anytime. Anywhere.

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You can easily set a default access role assigned automatically to every new user logged into the building app. Meaning that the new employee can easily walk in from the street, pass turnstiles, and get to your tenant's reception from Day 1 just with a tap of their mobile. Or you can even provide them access from the street straight to their office.

It takes you only one click to set up the default access role. It's that easy!

How far they go on default mobile access is up to your settings and you can update it even remotely anytime with a few clicks in the web administration. Once you set up a default access role, it's automatically assigned to all new users without having to do any task.

The upgraded Sharry mobile access solution also meets security requirements. The default access role is assigned only to users logged into the building mobile app – and they need a verified company e-mail to be able to log in.

Are you interested in providing a smooth access solution based on the mobile badge? Let's have a call with our consultants to guide you to the mobile-first revolution.

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