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Sharry Launched Waste Reporting To Monitor ESG-Friendly Workplace

Sharry has released a new Waste Reporting Portal to make waste production monitoring at workplaces and office buildings much easier. This portal is a part of Sharry's workplace experience platform and helps companies to fulfill the criteria of ESG or other sustainable certifications.

Have you ever wondered how much waste we produce? In Europe, the average amount of trash generated by one person in a year weighs 1,073 pounds (487 kg). The average American consumer produces approximately 1,642 pounds (745 kg) per person annually. It represents the equivalent of more than 4,300 iPhones 14 or two adult polar bears.

To precisely determine the amount of waste produced by workers at office buildings, campuses, or individual companies, Sharry has introduced the Waste Reporting Portal. This portal allows all cleaners to easily record the weighted waste amount, even if it's sorted, from each company in the building via an interactive web or tablet application.

“Waste Reporting is integrated into our comprehensive Sharry platform to further strengthen its position to be an all-in-one solution to manage the entire workplace experience for all users,” said Michal Čeřovský, COO and Co-Founder of Sharry. “With the unique combination of occupancy data that we already analyze, it provides valuable input for all landlords and property managers to optimize building operations. As a result, you can very easily get the average data on waste production per current occupancy.”

Automated reports and customized alerts are another benefit that Sharry offers. Do you need to be alerted if the weight of waste from any company exceeds 100 kg? The smart Waste Reporting Portal looks after it for you.

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Valuable Feedback

It has been proven by multiple studies in the past that when people receive feedback on how much energy they use or waste they produce, it subsequently leads to a positive change in their more environmentally-friendly behavior. Besides the primary goal of waste reduction at ESG-oriented companies, landlords can also benefit from extra points received during the green certification process (e.g., for SmartScore) that require a specific waste management system.

The Waste Reporting Portal delivery does not need any additional on-site installation or integration, and it's fully customizable according to the project specifications. It records all types of sorted waste including paper, glass, metal, plastics, food, textiles, and others.

“At Sharry, the workplace experience platform serves as a one-stop shop to easily communicate all ESG activities, amenities, and achievements with the whole building or company community. With one click, you can share news, event invitations, guides, internal policies, or simple tips on how to behave more responsibly with all occupiers,” adds Michal Čeřovský from Sharry.

Are you looking for a waste reporting solution to get extra points at SmartScore certification? Schedule a demo with our PropTech and ESG specialists to see live how the Sharry workplace experience platform can make a difference today.

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