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How To Leverage Sharry As A One-Stop Shop For The ESG Communication

With Sharry, you can easily share all your ESG activities, efforts, and successes with the whole building or company’s community. Take a look at a few handy tips.

You made some significant steps to reduce water consumption in the office. Next week, there will be a workshop in the building’s lobby highlighting the benefits of greenery in the workplace. You have just updated the Diversity, equity, and inclusion program.

But how to let all occupiers know about it?

You can write emails and ask company managers to forward them to all employees. You can print leaflets, roll-ups, or posters. You can also publish a company magazine or put the information on the intranet and count on someone to read it. Or you can manage all of this through the Sharry workplace experience platform – with just a few clicks, even remotely.

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All-in-one to promote ESG

Looking for a way to promote sustainability in your office building? Look no further than Sharry. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your ESG needs, including promoting unique amenities like EV chargers, a shared bike rental program, gym and yoga classes, or booking of the shared rooftop terrace.

But we don't stop there. With Sharry, you can easily share news, event invitations, guides, internal policies, or simple tips on how to behave more responsibly with all occupiers.

We believe that ESG initiatives are essential for creating a better future for all. That's why we're dedicated to helping building owners and managers with implementing sustainable practices with ease. With our comprehensive ESG-friendly workplace experience platform, you'll be making a positive impact on the environment and communities in no time.

Several examples of how to utilize the Sharry platform:

Q: We've received a new sustainable certification. How to promote it?

Create a new NEWS post that will be shared in all tenant mobile apps, and showcase its importance with a push notification. With one more click, you can display the message on any signage in the lobby or elevators as well.

Q: I'm running a recycling workshop. I want to invite as many people as possible. How?

Create a new EVENT and share the invitation with the whole building community. In addition, you can set up a notification to be sent as a reminder to all incomers on the day of the event (through the Lobby News feature).

Q: How can I support local vegan restaurants?

You can prioritize their profile in the tenants' app. The restaurant operator can get extra access to the Sharry platform to share their daily menus or special offers with all workers.

Q: Can I reach a wider community than just people working in the building through Sharry?

Yes, you can! Through messages displayed on any digital signage, you can reach anyone passing by. We also enable you to share special visitor notes attached to all email guestpasses sent through the Sharry visitor management system.

Q: How to smoothly share ESG manuals and policies?

All files are available 24/7/365 for all users in their mobile apps. And what's more, you can automatically pin selected documents on the main app dashboard to make them more visible during the new employee onboarding.

Q: I would like to install an indoor composter for all offices. Will people be interested?

Well, you never know until you ask! Why not create a new interactive POLL that will be distributed among all building occupiers?

Rooftop gardens of university library in center of Warsaw, Poland.

This is just a selection of the most frequently used features by our clients. We offer much more including a Waste Reporting portal, energy dashboard (through third-party integrations), or occupancy analytics enabling you to effectively manage building operations.

Are you ready to create an ESG-friendly workspace? Schedule a demo to see live how the Sharry workplace experience platform can make a difference today.

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