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Sharry Introduces Lobby News: The First Location-Based News in Office Buildings

Sharry, a workplace experience platform, introduces a new feature called Lobby News, the most workplace-related content tool on the market yet.

It enables property and workplace managers to schedule timely building and office related news and updates to be received by users at the moment when they enter the building and tap their badges at turnstiles. Therefore people who are working from home, are on vacation or on business trips will not receive the news.

For instance, managers can utilize Lobby News to:

  • Remind all people coming to the office that there's an event in the lobby in the evening.
  • Alert all users passing by turnstiles that an elevator is not working.
  • Notify people that a cafeteria on the 3rd floor is offering free coffee.

“Sharry’s main objective is to provide occupiers with the best possible experience when at the office,” said Josef Šachta, CEO and Co-Founder of Sharry. “With Lobby News, employees get real-time information about their workplace, allowing them to effectively plan their days and use all services of the building.”

“We all live in a short-span attention world where finding the right time to get someone’s attention in the digital environment can make all the difference between information conveyed and information flying by,” said Ondřej Langr, Chief Product Officer at Sharry. “Lobby News is a unique functionality allowing property managers just that - to convey the right message at the right time when it makes the most impact.”

Create a community

Sharry offers various levels of customization of Lobby News, depending on the building’s needs. Administrators can decide which users will see the updates and when they are displayed.

Lobby News creates a community, connecting users to the space, allowing them to interact with each other and to discuss the news when they find themselves at the same place - for instance in elevators where the new function replaces informational posters. Lobby News is the newest way for property managers to connect with their tenants through Sharry’s platform - the other functions include content for digital signage, polls, forum, traditional news, and more.

The principle of this feature can also be utilized to automatically remind people to book their office space or a desk when on hybrid work model.

Interested how Lobby News could boost a community in your office building? Or thinking of using it as a tool to improve hybrid work at your workplace? Let us know – we'd love to hear what are your expectations!

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