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Beyond the Apple Wallet Badge: Unlocking the Workplace Experience Ecosystem

Enhance workplace experience with advanced features and integrations coming as add-ons to popular NFC employee badges.

Since their introduction, the digital employee badges saved in Apple Wallet (and in Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet coming soon) represent a huge step forward in the way we access office buildings and particular workplaces. And now, you can unlock the full potential of employee badges in Apple Wallet through additional features and services.

Below, you will find some of the latest and most popular add-ons you can attach to your workplace experience ecosystem based on NFC badges.

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Employee or Tenant Communication

Now that the phone is the smart key to the office, let's also utilize it as a communication tool! A new feature called Lobby News enables property and workplace managers to schedule building and office-related news and updates to be received by users at the moment when they enter the building and tap their badges at turnstiles.

Therefore people who are working from home, are on vacation, or business trips, will not be bothered by news not relevant to them at the moment.

"Lobby News is a unique functionality allowing property managers to convey the right message at the right time when it makes the most impact.”

Conditional Access & Booking

Through an online platform, you can easily (and remotely) edit access permissions for any individual user. You can also set up various use cases for temporary conditional access. For example, the mobile badge will unlock a meeting room or company relax zone only if the previous reservation has been approved by the admin.

At Sharry, we launched Vax Pass as a fully automated process to grant or revoke employees' access based on the record or a copy of their proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This solution eliminates the need to manually verify workers' statuses and handle administrative paperwork.

Hybrid Work

The mobile access solution can be smoothly combined with a robust desk booking system. In the hot-desking mode, check up-to-date desk availability in the office building or workplace app. You can also book your preferred desk in the hoteling mode. By tapping a card reader with your mobile phone, you confirm the reservation.

Additionally, you can use your digital employee badges stored in mobile wallets to smoothly unlock personal lockers. This is now possible thanks to a recently announced partnership with Metra, developer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable, flexible and user-friendly electronic smart locker systems.

Combine cutting-edge mobile access with a robust booking system. Powered by Sharry

Badge Data

What's the key to managing occupancy in hybrid work? It's badge data from card readers recording every badge tapping to get into the office. Badge data is an effective way to measure utilization, optimize operations, predict trends, and make the right real estate management decisions.

While there is a number of technologies available out there such as occupancy sensors, smart cameras, footfall counters, motion sensors and others, there is one that you most likely already have available with all the hardware installed — access badge data from the access system.

Visitor Management

You can make all visitors feel exceptional and remove all obstacles on their way to a meeting. This can be accomplished through the ingenious connection of reception software, the corporation's access control system, parking reservations, and the businesslike mobile app.

How does it work in practice? The host sends a calendar invite. The visitor management system automatically adds a guestpass with all relevant information. When the guest arrives, they use the QR code to check in at the lobby reception and as a visitor pass to unlock the turnstiles. The host receives a notification to get ready before the guest arrives on their floor.

Smart Parking

With a mobile badge, you can access the parking lot the same way you used the plastic card – regardless of whether you have an internet or cellular connection underground. But you can replace plastic cards with truly smart parking software to provide the ultimate experience.

The integrated parking solution uses smart cameras enabling license plate recognition to let you in. If you need to change your car? Edit the license plate in the mobile app with one tap. You can also check parking availability right on the phone, and the same goes for remotely booking a parking spot.

Are you looking for a complex solution to enhance the workplace experience and strengthen the level of your corporate security?

Let us know and schedule an appointment, we'd love to talk to you!

Employee badge in Apple Wallet powered by Sharry
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