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What Are The Digital Drivers for ESG in Commercial Real Estate

Learn how Sharry and our PropTech solutions can help you achieve your ESG targets. Do not tick a box, make a difference with your ESG strategy in your office portfolio.

Over the past decade, the ESG program has evolved to reflect the increasing complexity of material environmental, social, and governance issues. All this has one common goal – to add long-term value to real estate and make a positive impact in three areas: environmental, social and governance.

Investors' preference is shifting to accountable, attractive places for people and nature. According to the Cushman & Wakefield study, ESG offices are already priced 25% above non-ESG. The pandemic accelerated tenant demand for ESG assets.

What do we do at Sharry?

“We partner with landlords, tenants and workplace providers committed to work towards the workplace performance and actively deliver on their ESG targets,” commented Vlad Masinsky, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Sharry.
Sharry partnered with SL Green to develop and launch building mobile applications at 23 properties across its portfolio in NYC. The SL Green mobile applications include features that bring added convenience and comfort to the daily routines of its tenants.
Read more in SL Green ESG report HERE.

Key Highlights of Sharry ESG commitments

For portfolio owners  we actively build sustainable communities, enable sharing resources and increase utilization, for each building we introduce efficient processes, energy efficiency through digital services, active sharing of assets brings responsible use and efficiencies.

E = Environmental

Awareness and access to data

  • Energy efficiency through digital services - Access, elevator calls and efficiency, room booking, and sharing - higher efficiency
  • Associated GHG with all of the above
  • Effective water usage linked to allocated time slots through the booking process of a shower, cleaning services
  • Waste recycling guidelines & waste management system
  • Air quality measuring = awareness and data display (through partners)
  • Water consumption, GHG, etc.
  • Access to facilities (encourage walking, cycling, etc.) with fewer emissions related
  • Biodiversity awareness/encouragement and access to relax zones, shared spaces, and green areas

Video: How ESG creates value

S = Social

Higher quality through access and sharing of amenities

  • Community maintenance – a multi-event platform for those associated with the place
  • Access and permissions to use shared green space/biodiversity for wellness, mental well-being, etc.
  • Encourage walking, cycling, etc., and wellness/mental well-being
  • Air quality shows areas of good air quality to encourage footfall in those areas
  • Community and diversity events
  • Encourage footfall to retailers/f&b providers with ethical/social/green product offering
  • Inclusion and diversity, gender balance, etc.
  • E D & I agenda etc. use the platform to promote awareness and inclusion of underrepresented people and groups
  • Volunteering and philanthropy use the platform to bring people together to do good
G = Governance

Easing channels for communication

  • Clear communication of ESG Goals, Policies, and Contacts
  • Transparency in reporting ESG issues
  • Voting - getting to the community to have their voice heard
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Customer involvement - community and self-governance
  • Customer satisfaction survey
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We need to look after the world we live in! If you're interested in details of our solution helping our partners in the commercial real estate market worldwide, feel free to arrange a call with Vlad Masinsky, Head of Strategic Partnership.

Vlad will be also speaking at ESG & Impact Forum Europe Summit 2022 taking place on 16th June 2022 in London, UK.

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