The user experience supported by evidence will drive the industry

A generally optimistic forum was marked by being the first in-person gathering for many attendees. There have been several original thoughts and observations tabled at the CEE Property Forum 2021 (Vienna, September 2021) which we would like to share in notes below.

Future of workplace

Despite general optimism, there is still a lack of evidence and clarity on how companies will adjust to the new realm where working from home is to stay. The need for a third space is up for grabs as we will see different approaches by utilizing empty branches, coworking centers near home, and adjustments to leasing.

As Giles Bateman, the Regional Development Director at IWG, mentioned, the industry must rely on building occupancy data and analysis to fully understand the instant trends and behavior of the workforce in each workplace.

ESG as a new standard

ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) is becoming a new lens through which to view investments and satisfy the needs of tenants. Anna Duchnowska, Managing Director at Invesco Real Estate, highlighted the need to identify “concrete steps” to make the difference and bring the ESG agenda to life.

As the approach varies, we will observe a variety of approaches and demonstrable concrete examples driving the ESG to real life. (If you're interested in this topic, read more about how ESG investing will shape your future – CLICK HERE.)

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Workforce scarcity

The logistics sector is still growing with better service still representing opportunities especially in the last mile services, stated Peter Wojtusiak, Senior Advisor to Revetas Capital Advisors. While the sector is facing attention from investors and clients, the actual ability to secure a workforce is the biggest challenge. Talent is scarce.

New kind or real estate industry

With the opening speech from Seweryna Afanasjew, Asset Management Head at GTC S.A., the scene was set slightly differently than in previous years. Discussing mental health, engagement of employees, and levels of help and mentoring contrasted to the traditional uniformity of the industry suggesting that tidy is changing.

If you're interested in other topics circulating at CEE Property Forum 2021 and following networking events, just ask our colleague Vlad Masinsky, Head Of Business Development.

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