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Small Pocket Revolution: How Our Wallets Changed?

The weight of the wallet has been reduced significantly over the last 10 years. Not because of the financial crisis, but a lot of items have been "swallowed" by mobile phones.

According to Wikipedia, the modern meaning of WALLET as a "flat case for carrying paper money" was first recorded in 1834 in American English. Soon it should change again. The new meaning of this term should properly reflect the dynamic evolution of our wallets.

Will we even need to carry them in the near future? And if so, what will we carry in them?

When you compare the average wallet in 2012 to the model of 2022 you can see the dramatic shift triggered by digitization and a mobile-first approach. We've put down a list of the most obvious changes recognized in our pockets.

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How the wallet changed in 10 years
1) Corporate ID badge → Smart building app

Don't look for your plastic employee badge every day when you go to work. You can convert it into a mobile card! Next time, hold your mobile next to a card reader and proceed smoothly like never before. The mobile card works with NFC and Bluetooth as well.

If you're interested in the integrated mobile access solution, ask Sharry for a demo. We can share our experiences and expertise from delivering our solution to A-class office buildings and enterprises in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Warsaw, Prague, or Bucharest.

With Sharry white-label solution you can even combine multiple mobile credentials in one app.

2) Paper money & payment cards → Mobile payments

The global mobile payment technologies market is expected to grow from $51.96 billion in 2020 to $60.42 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.3%. The market is expected to reach $174.29 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 30.3%. (Source)

3) ID badge & driving license → Apple Wallet

According to the latest news provided by Apple, all iUsers are now able to add their driver's license (or state ID) to Apple Wallet.

4) Shopping list → AnyList

Of course, there's an app for easy sharing of the item list that needs to be bought. It's up to you if you download AnyList, Mealime, Bring!, or any other software.

5) Family photos → Social sites

Do you remember the time when we carried portrait photos of all your family relatives or friends? These days are gone. Now all your family memories and touching pictures belong to Facebook, Instagram, iCloud…

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Photo by Thomas Bormans on Unsplash

6) To-Do list → Task management App

Don't forget to… You will never forget anything! Thanks to reminders and notifications sent by all various task management apps like Evernote, Todoist, Any.do,... etc. Or is there still anyone who writes paper notes? Raise your hand (the one without a pencil)!

7) Tickets for events → Eventbrite app

Dear children, once upon a time (not so long ago) you were given a paper ticket to a cultural event, which you carried in your wallet at all times. No Eventbrite app or PDF document stored in Apple Wallet. And no, it wasn't the stone age!

8) Business cards → CamCard

A manager's abilities were sometimes judged by how many business cards they had in his drawer. Today, there are many apps that make it very easy to scan contact information and save it to your phone so you always have it handy.

9) Loyalty cards → Stocard

Do you also have a loyalty card from your café, drugstore, grocery store, sportswear store... in your wallet? You can digitize them all! And next time you're at the checkout, tap to display them and redeem rewards. So you don't waste time looking for the right one and miss out on extra loyalty points or a double latte as a reward.

Want to get rid of plastic cards and offer your employees a first-class user friendly solution? Let's set up a meeting to discuss how mobile access could help you deliver the best tenant experience.

Sharry provides #1 mobile access solution through integration to 20+ the most used access control systems on the market.
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