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Sharry Launched AI Writing Assistant To Enhance Workplace Experience

Sharry launched an AI assistant integrated into its PortalWX to help property and workplace managers to create, modify, and translate content to boost its community engagement.

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping our daily lives, we at Sharry are excited to introduce our new AI Writing Assistant. Since the June 2023 rollout of the brand new PortalWX, the AI-powered “copywriter” and “idea-maker” is available 24/7 to complete all requests from property, tenant, and workplace experience managers using Sharry.

They can leverage the power of AI to accelerate and simplify the content creation process without the need to become a tech expert. Whether they're crafting a new news post, event invitation, or sharing a special offer from a local restaurant, Sharry’s AI Writing Assistant is here to streamline their processes.

Users can use AI tools to easily create, rewrite, and translate a copy of any shared message. Check out the video below:

Sharry’s AI writing assistant makes it simple for property managers to quickly produce important messages like an elevator outage and share them with the whole building community.

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Brief notes – unique message. With one click

Stuck on a draft? Let the AI Assistant take over! Simply jot down your initial ideas or brief notes, and let the AI Assistant instantly transform them into polished, compelling text. Spend less time struggling with writer's block and more time refining your unique message.

“Our AI Assistant isn’t one-size-fits-all. Choose the style that best suits your communication needs. Do you need a friendly message for your coworkers or a formal one for the entire building? Or even can go beyond and be funny with emoticons? You can tailor the AI's output to match,” claims Ondřej Langr, CPO at Sharry.

Speak any language

With the AI Writing Assistant, language barriers are a thing of the past. You can easily translate the content from one language to another, making it effortless to create an understandable message for an international audience. The AI not only translates the text but also ensures that the tone and context are preserved, providing a seamless experience for global readers from any enterprise or office building.

According to the latest research by McKinsey & Company, AI could automate work activities that take up 60-70% of employees’ time in the future. With Sharry AI Writing Assistant, you can get your work done more efficiently and smoothly. “Our product development team continuously tunes the AI to ensure it is providing our clients with the highest quality output,” adds Ondřej Langr.

Here are just a few of many tips on how workplace or property teams can harness the power of Sharry AI for some of the top use cases:

  • News: Create a new post to notify all employees and occupiers they can generate Apple Wallet credentials to access their office in a second with their iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Events: Invite all users to regular yoga classes happening every Wednesday morning. Create an invitation in multiple languages. Attract readers with an informal tone.
  • Special offers: There's a new café in the lobby offering to buy 2 drinks and get 1 free. Let everyone know about this time limited proposal as quickly as possible.

Embrace the future of content creation with Sharry’s AI Writing Assistant. Experience the benefits of AI-powered content production, and let us help you tell your story, your way.

Get started with Sharry’s AI Writing Assistant today! Any questions? Reach us anytime at hello@sharry.tech

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