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Sharry Joins PropTech Lab to Foster Real Estate Innovations

We've decided to join the PropTech Lab, as we fully agree with its mission to foster innovations in construction and real estate, and to ease the digital transformation of the industry.

“We see PropTech Lab as a very beneficial platform for sharing knowledge, our expertise, and best practices from a broad portfolio of office buildings worldwide powered by Sharry's smart access solution. We are looking forward to meeting new open-minded clients ready to disrupt the commercial real estate ecosystem,” comments David Hartl, Head of Sales and Business Development at Sharry.

In the past, Sharry was one of the initiators of the founding of the Czech & Slovak PropTech Association. And we are also members of the PropTech Foundation in Poland, where many of the premium office buildings already use our software solution.

“Sharry is focusing on the Manage & Operate category of the PropTech specialized in the office building, which is one of the most mature and needed categories today,” said Noémie de Crombrugghe, Head of Membership at PropTech Lab.

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We've connected with Noémie to ask her a few questions about PropTech Lab's activities and the opportunities they offer. Here's a brief interview:

Noémie de Crombrugghe, Head of Membership at PropTech Lab

What is the mission of PropTech Lab?

The mission is to: Raise awareness and foster innovation in the construction & real estate sectors among members and empower them to take action.

What are the key figures describing your professional community?

190 members today, 15 events per year.

PropTech Lab operates only on the Belgium real estate market?

PropTech Lab operates mainly in Belgium but also a lot in Luxembourg as the industry is well-connected between our two countries. Moreover, we are also very well connected to the 24 national networks for PropTech in Europe in order to enhance the level of maturity of the markets in terms of innovation all together.

What do you see as the key challenges for a PropTech company in the 2022 outlook?

PropTech is known today and already a lot of new initiatives emerged and are in development today. The challenge is today to bring corporations and the public actors to take action and fully integrate innovation in their internal strategy.

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