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Sharry Enters the South American Market and Introduces One-Credential Portfolio Solution

Sharry, a workplace experience platform around mobile access badges, is excited to announce its expansion to the Peruvian real estate market. Sharry’s one-credential portfolio solution, the company’s flagship project, is set to connect nine premium office buildings operated by Urbanova, developers and managers of innovative real estate ecosystem in Lima.

With the simplicity of a single Brivo mobile credential, all tenants gain unprecedented access to a wide range of amenities in all buildings, revolutionizing their overall experience. The new generation platform to manage property portfolios will first be available at the Torre del Arte development, with five more buildings coming later in 2023 and additional 3 in 2024, following the successful integration by Convergint, the technology partner.

Imagine that although you work in office building A, you can easily book and access a conference meeting room in building B or use other amenities located in building C – smoothly just with a tap of your mobile phone. That's the main challenge solved by the groundbreaking PropTech solution for office building landlords launched by Sharry. In Lima, it connects all tenants from nine different office buildings through the integrated workplace experience platform covered by Spazio by Urbanova mobile app.

Spazio by Urbanova – powered by Sharry

“The power of technology is to connect people and space. I am very excited that Urbanova chose Sharry for their Spazio project. Together, we developed a truly smart workplace platform connecting tenants across their entire portfolio with one app and one mobile badge for the end-user. This project is the most significant one for Sharry in South America, with PropTech having a huge potential there,” said Josef Šachta, CEO and Co-Founder of Sharry.

“We are very happy with the launch of this technological solution for our office workers, which has several services designed based on the needs of our clients following three pillars: well-being, connection, and productivity. We hope to revolutionize the office market and Innovation in real estate, with a user-centered design with in-depth knowledge of the client”, said Ursula Diez Canseco, Head of Marketing of Urbanova.

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Mobile-First Solution

Sharry continues to bolster its worldwide position as a mobile access leader. With Spazio by Urbanova, all users can benefit from using one mobile credential to unlock office doors, turnstiles, elevators, parking, and any card-protected shared amenity spaces (based on the individual access role setting). In this case, the Sharry platform is integrated with Brivo deploying their mobile credentials, access control system, and card readers.

“We are delighted about the great cooperation with Brivo and Convergint, a global systems integrator, in bringing this project to life. This exciting partnership enables us to combine our expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive and seamless experience for Urbanova,” added Jan Přerovský, Head of the Delivery Team at Sharry.

"The future of the workplace will depend on technology more than ever, and this is a perfect example of how Brivo and Sharry simplify the management of smart spaces and enhance the tenant experience,” said Steve Van Till, Founder and CEO of Brivo. 

"For Convergint it has been very valuable to work with Urbanova to achieve their goal of stay at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences that truly set them apart from other real estate. We express our gratitude to Sharry and Brivo for their strong partnership and dedication to making the project a success", added Estefanía Pozo, Business Development Manager at Convergint.

Platform Built Upon Badges

Mobile access is the pivotal feature of the comprehensive workplace experience platform. For Urbanova, Sharry also launched additional features as the integrated part of the Spazio project:

  • Visitor management system: Users can easily grant access to all guests through the guest pass email with a unique QR code. Once they arrive, they can check themselves in at the kiosk.
  • Tenant engagement app: Digital dashboard of what's happening in the office building: News, events, marketplace, special offers, polls, maintenance requests, and much more.
  • Smart parking: Drivers can smoothly enter the parking lot thanks to smart cameras supporting license plate recognition.

In 2018, Sharry and Skanska together developed Connected by Skanska, an operating system for smart office buildings. The Spazio by Urbanova represents the next generation of commercial real estate portfolio solutions bringing essential advantages to landlords and tenants.

Property owners and managers can leverage synergies among different buildings. They don't have to duplicate amenities offered at buildings located just around the corner. With Sharry Insights analytics, they get real-time information about which space is utilized, which building is performing well, or which tenant may be dissatisfied.

The single mobile badge opens up a wide range of amenities to all users working at any Urbanova office building. It supports workforce flexibility, simplifies access, and enhances their overall user experience.

Are you looking for the similar smart workplace experience platform to manage your property portfolio?

Get in touch to see the demo of the solution that Sharry offers.

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