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Sharry App Redesign: A new generation of the building’s mobile app is here

The new generation of the Sharry app has a modern interface to ensure the best-in-class user experience in the workplace. It's not just much nicer, it's better and faster.

The latest product update deserves an extra shout-out: Our Sharry-powered building mobile apps are getting a major redesign! The new generation of the app with a modern interface to ensure a smooth user experience is here.

Keep reading this article and you will find out more about all the newest features, design improvements, and what benefits it can bring to you and your tenants.

Centerpoint of services in an office building

The new design embodies our belief that mobile access and amenities offered in the building and around are centerpieces of tenant experience for class A office buildings.

The app now can be turned into a center point of services available in the office building, whether that’s building's access (mobile card now featured prominently on the first screen), reservations of shared amenities, parking overview, menus from local restaurants (including direct meal order to the office), sending guest passes, or anything else.

“We wanted to update the app to embody where we as a company evolved: to present all the building has to offer very conveniently in one place with mobile access up and center. And to better reflect our customer’s brand. The hardest part was making sure the app represents the client and their building: each building instance has a unique color scheme and imagery imprinted across the app while still being built on top of our design system and components that ensure the app looks and works well on all devices, color modes, and platforms,” explains Ondrej Langr, Head of Product at Sharry.

The workplace evolution with fresh design

We’ve cleaned up the app visually, and have given landlords or property managers the opportunity to imprint the building's brand into it with a larger photo in the background and one significant (accent) color used prominently across the entire app. This approach is in line with our beliefs that white-labeled apps can deliver a better tenant experience and support the building's brand.

On top of that, we’ve significantly improved the process of generating mobile access cards – the core feature which is a prerequisite for a successful tenant engagement strategy – to eliminate common users’ misconceptions and problems so that the access will work even better and faster.

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Introducing new weapon: Content

Together with the new redesign and rearranged mobile app, we are also introducing a brand new mighty weapon on how to promote any amenity of the office building to all occupiers: Welcome Content blocks!

The content block is the newest tool for tenant and property managers that can be added to almost any part of the app as a custom page. This again strengthens the possibility for each landlord to adapt the app to their needs.

Does your office building have a terrace available to tenants for parties but you can’t manage its availability in regular reservations? What about delivery boxes? Or do you want to promote a gym newly opened in the building?

Now you can add them easily as a new Content block in the web administration and customize the content in the mobile app specifically for your tenants. Imagine Content block as a LEGO brick that property managers can attach to almost any section of the app just with one click – Let's play!

We've rearranged all features to address the latest workplace evolution requirements and to keep end-users productive, creative, and satisfied at their workplace. There's a brand new bottom navigation bar, which allows users to explore the following:

  • Home: The dashboard with the most important news from your office building on one screen.
  • Amenities: All building amenities at one place. Including reservations and restaurants (in-house and in the neighborhood).
  • Building: Complete property profile including important contacts and guides. Tips & tricks that can save your time. And much more!
  • Profile: Place where you can easily edit your personal info but primarily where you can manage your access card to the building and/or parking.
  • BIG PLUS: Button for one-click actions that are available in your building (e. g. request maintenance, make a new reservation, send a guest pass, order a meal, add a new forum post) – depends on the building settings.

The app is not just much nicer, it's better and faster. Any feedback on your mind? We are here for you to answer all your questions. Schedule the call here or send us your request by filling out the contact form, our team will be right here with you.

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